10 Beauty Items That Would Make Life So Much Easier

Our beauty wishlist is cuter than yours.

10 Beauty Items That Would Make Life So Much Easier

To be completely honest, we're classic beauty junkies, especially since we have hundreds of products we can’t seem to live without, even though we should manage just fine.

And like any other beauty lovers, we’re always daydreaming of perfect products that can easily solve all our #beautyproblems. That’s right, we’re talking mascaras that NEVER ever clump, and fool-proof falsies that you never have to cut (you know the kind!) before applying.

Care to know what products are on our wishlist? Here’s ten items we hope exist sooner than later.

Mascara That Doesn’t Clump EVER

Can a real clump-free mascara please stand up?

Eyeliner that Doesn’t Smear

Nothing is worse than straying cat eyes somehow ending up on your cheek, so that’s why a bulletproof liner needs to step in, and totally sweep us off our feet.

And trust us, we contemplated the eye liner tattoo thing, but not being able to take off your feline flicks at night still creeps us out.

Concealer That Actually Covers EVERYTHING

Wouldn’t it be seriously great to finally find a product that covers pimples, blemishes, and blackheads without making them moodier than a bratty teenager?  

Plus, we’re willing to award bonus points to a concealer that makes raccoon eyes do a permanent disappearing act. 

Glitter That Doesn’t Stray

Somehow every loose glitter we own seems to appear in the most mysterious of places, including our phones and foreheads. Yuck.

That’s why we’re dying for ONE glittery essential that stays on our eyes, without going astray in literally two seconds.

Self Tanner That Doesn’t Go On Streaky Or Smelly

Oh are we tired of the streaks and stink seriously killing our beach goddess vibe. Can’t a self tanner lotion manage to smell like coconuts, and still give you that bronzed babe look on fleek?

Glitter Polishes That Come Off Easily

Seriously though, super-powered glitter polish removers really need to become a thing.

Temporary (And Stain-free!) Spray That Changes Your Color For One Night 

Cause who wouldn’t want to have teal locks for one night, and then easily be able to wash it out (without gross stains!) before work the next morning. Sigh.

Perfume That Lasts FOREVER 

Um, doesn’t the idea of perfume tattoos sound rad? 

False Lashes That Are Actually Easy To Apply

We can do without the scissors and glue, please!

A Drone That Gives You The Perfect Blowout

Oh lord, that would be awesome.

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