The Osbourne's MAC Collection is Here

Rock mother-and-daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne teamed up with MAC for a two-part makeup collection that's anything but dark.

MAC; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

If the images of dark eyeliner, pale powder and red lips creep into your mind when you think about any of the Osbourne clan, you might want to reconsider. The women of the rock 'n' roll family, Sharon and daughter Kelly, teamed up with MAC to create a cosmetics collection ($17–$58) that features both sides of the mother-daughter duo. And the result is anything but gothic. In fact, it's very feminine and surprisingly wearable.

The Osbourne's MAC Collection is Here

Sure, the collection features bold colors—it is still Sharon and Kelly we're talking about—but don't expect any harsh blacks or pale whites in this collection. Instead the Osbournes' new line is full of statement-making hues for lips, eyes and face. In addition, both ladies' tastes shine through in this two-part range, which features different colors and products encased in distinct packaging that represents each woman. (Sharon is red and Kelly is violet, in case you were curious.)

Take a look at the entire two-part collection in the slideshow below and check out to get your hands on the products yourself.

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