Easy Hair Hacks For Gals Who Shower At Night

Sleeping in has never looked better.

Easy Hair Hacks For Girls Who Shower at Night

The very best part of showering at night is the extra amount of shut eye you can get in the morning. But despite the amazing feeling you get from hitting the snooze button, managing to keep your tresses work-ready can be an annoying problem that's not fun to deal with in the early hours of the morning.

Whether it’s taming bedhead, or finding second-day hairstyles that still look sharp, keeping your hair up to par can be hard. But instead of wasting time by proceeding to style your hair all over again, there are some shortcuts that guarantee on-point strands, even while you're sound asleep.

Ready for some lifesaving hair tips that can save you time in the morning? Here’s some easy hair hacks for girls who wash their hair at night.

Hairspray Boosts Your Blowout 

A fresh salon blowout takes away the frustration that comes with styling your own hair, but sometimes maintaining that salon-worthy look can be a hard job in and of itself. And while dents and creases are all a normal part of second to third day hair, there are ways to keep your blowout silky smooth while you sleep.

For starters, applying hairspray from root to end is more than helpful, as Rita Perna-Allor, expert hair stylist and Alterna Haircare creative team member, explains. “Apply hairspray to the entire strands from root to ends when blow drying,” she adds. “This will easily help prevent heat and moisture from creasing the hair.”

Say 'Bye Bye' to Bedhead

Another dreaded part of sleeping in longer in the morning is bedhead, which can throw a wrench in any beauty routine. While it may be tempting to hide away your hair under hats once frizz strike, adding some leave-in conditioner to your routine can be a much easier solution. 

“Apply a leave-in conditioner to help avoid frizzy and flyaway hair,” explains Perna-Allor. “Blow dry and style the hair as desired, then wrap hair in a silk scarf before you sleep. This ensures gorgeous and frizz-free hair the next day.”

Try Heat-Free Curls

Heat styling definitely makes the flawless hair a whole lot more achievable, but our favorite straighteners and curling irons take a lot more time to use. To spare yourself the effort and the damage, try a heat-free style overnight to give you a beach-y look when you wake up. 

“Leave your hair damp and create a loose bun on the top of your head, in the morning you will have beautiful waves,” says celebrity hairstylist Angelo David Pisacreta, of Angelo David Salon. “Use your fingers to comb through so you don’t flatten your hair, and finish with a light hold hairspray.”

Try Stress-Free Hairstyles

If heatless waves aren’t exactly your thing, there are plenty of other styles to try in the meantime. Chic braids and ponytails can easily be slept in overnight and they provide your hair with a glamorous edge come morning. “If you have naturally wavy hair and tend to wear it straight, try blow drying your hair completely and sleeping with it in a loose, low ponytail,” says Lauren Carelli, Director of Operations at Blushing Brides Boston. “In the morning you won't have nearly as much bedhead to battle.”

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