Editor's Pick: Fake a Full Night's Sleep With This Eyeliner

Learn how this nude-colored pencil can take your eyes from tired to awake with just one swipe.

Editor's Pick: Fake a Well-Rested Night With This Eyeliner
(Source: HSN)

Concealing a late night just got a bit easier. Besides hiding the dark circles and questionable blemishes associated with staying up way past your bedtime, I highly suggest adding Ready To Wear Beauty's Awake Eye Perfection Pencil ($15) to your redness-hiding beauty routine. You'll look well-rested, even when you're struggling to keep your eyes open—coffee can help with the rest.

The secret behind faking a brighter, more-awake gaze is the product's flattering taupe shade. While a stark white eyeliner has the same illuminating effect, its unnatural coloring is a dead giveaway that you're hiding something. The nude hue disguises your reddened rims while creating the illusion of larger, more attentive eyes without being obvious. 

Even on days when I get my more-than-seven recommended hours of snooze, I swipe this product onto my bottom waterline for a natural-looking glow. Who wants red, irritated-looking eyes on the daily? Not me.

Say goodbye to sleepy-looking lids and get your highlighting eye pencil, here.

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