The Cosmetics Line Inspired By Four Generations of Women

You know what they say, like mother like daughter.

The Cosmetics Line Inspired by Four Generations of Women
(Source: Katherine Cosmetics)

As a fourth-generation Katherine, Katherine Finch had a lot to live up to when creating her makeup line Katherine Cosmetics, which was named for each of the Katherines in her family. There's her mom, an accomplished athlete and pilot; her grandmother, an independent and confident woman who enjoyed travel; and her great-grandmother, who moved across the country to follow her heart. With a history like that, it's easy to see why Finch looked to her family's rich history for inspiration for her empowering cosmetic collection.

Inspired by the "beauty of history and travel in the lives of four generations," Katherine Cosmetics is a makeup line designed for the everyday woman and the many roles she plays. With the inspiration of the Katherines in mind, Finch created the Everyday Beauty Collection—a series of five items designed to help the busy woman get through her everyday life.

There's the Concealer ($22) for hiding minor flaws and lines, the Cheek Glow ($26) to add highlights, the Shimmer Gloss ($22) to comfort and protect lips, the Waterproof Eye Liner ($26) that comes with a built-in blending blush, and finally there's the Mascara ($25) to lengthen and extend.

In addition, she launched a series of lipsticks ($26 each) named after her dearest friends, who have each chosen a specific charity to match their lipstick. With each lipstick sold, the brand is giving back to that specific organization. 

The Cosmetics Line Inspired by Four Generations of Women
(Source: Katherine Cosmetics)

With wearable colors and sleek packaging designed to mimic horse riding saddles and bridles, the antique family silver and Louis Vuitton trunks passed down to each subsequent generation of Katherines, Katherine Cosmetics becomes more than just makeup. It's a reminder to embrace the beauty and heritage that surrounds us all.

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