Get Your Glow On With This Old-School Liquid Shimmer

Get Your Glow On With This Old-School Liquid Shimmer
(Photos courtesy Merle Norma and Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)We're perfectly aware it's January, and the temperature outside, at least in NYC, is roughly a balmy 38 degrees. But that doesn't stop us from imagining we're on a yacht off the coast of Miami with nothing but Justin Timberlake serenading us. (Happy birthday, JT!) Although that might not be plausible, we're still determined to make parts of our fantasy a reality. We've discovered the best way to fake that just-got-off the yacht look is through a luminous, dewy glow. Lately, we've been turning to an old-school favorite, Merle Norman's Liquid Shimmer in "Anything Glows" to accomplish this highlighted (but not overly bronzed) goddess look. Now we know what you might be thinking, Merle Norman and yacht parties don't quite seem to go together, but honestly, the classic brand surprised us in a very, very good way.
Get Your Glow On With This Old-School Liquid Shimmer(Photo courtesy
The light-reflecting liquid shimmer contains advanced HD pigment technology, which quickly adds glint and gleam to the cheekbone, brow bone, edge of the nose—heck, anywhere you want to shine! The tiny iridescent pigments catch and reflect light very naturally to help achieve a dewy (but not sweaty) glow. Enhanced with Apple Extract, the shimmer is silky smooth when applied and is far from oily. But the best part might just be the soft neutral color, which is light and airy and makes the product appropriate for every day wear. And you know what that means. Every day will look like a yacht party with JT day! Rejoice.

Merle Norman Liquid Shimmer in Anything Glows, $18. Visit to find your local supplier.
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