Five Edgy Cuts To Change Up Your Hair Game

Isn't it time you updated your 'do?

Five Edgy Cuts To Change Up Your Hair Game

A fresh chop can easily give you a fresh start, but if you're bored of the tiresome trimming routine, opting for bold and edgier cuts may be the beauty boost you’ve been longing for.

Fashion-forward styles bring on the drama and intrigue, but even though these styles definitely require the right amount of confidence, trendy doesn’t have to mean going too high-fashion — or altogether unflattering.

“Edgy doesn't have to mean ugly,” explains Lorean Cairns, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fox and Jane Salon. “When we think edgy hair, we often think of the most extreme and comical cut possible. But in truth, edgy can still be very flattering.”

But while ‘it girl’ cuts always manage to look amazing on all your favorite celebs, it’s important to make sure your style flatters your face. Some cuts just may not suit your facial shape, so it's best to select styles that give you an edgy, yet glamorous finish.

“If done well, edgy can be bold and glamorous,” says Cairns. “Try some asymmetrical styles which soften facial features, or a strong blunt shape to exaggerate eyes, cheekbones or jaw lines.”   

With so many cuts and textures to choose from, finding your perfect show-stopping cut is really up to your own personal preferences. But you're in need of guidance, here are five styles sure to serve up some major beauty inspiration.

1. All About Bangs.

Bangs can be a hit or miss, but this is one style that’s hanging around for spring. And though you may feel like your face shape can’t pull this one off, there are variations of bang styles that can flatter any face. Tapered bangs, for example, give your face that trendy finish without looking too harsh in return.

“Blunt-cut bangs can be very hard-looking, so be sure to try longer, tapered bangs to add softness and femininity to any look,” explains celebrity hair colorist Meaghan Frayne of Angelo David Salon.  

But you are looking for something more cutting edge, try asymmetrical bangs. Fringe-y styles like these can be altered depending on your face shape, and can be a nice and refreshing alternative, when you are bored with your current shape or texture.

“When you get bored of growing your fringe out, changing the shape can be a really great pick me up,” says Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa stylist Erica Engstrom.

“Depending on your haircut and face shape, you have a few options, you can do a diagonal, shorter on one side, longer to the other which is great if you are used to side bangs," Engstrom adds. 

2. Long Bobs With Texture

There’s no denying that lobs are still ultra popular, and the cut is flattering on any face shape. But to keep your lob looking fresh in 2016, try adding some texture to your ‘do.

“If you want an edgier long bob, add stacked layers in the back to add dimension,” explains stylist Meaghan Frayne. “Just remember that a bob shouldn't be over-layered, so for an edgier approach, ask your stylist to texturize the ends with the scissors or a razor.”

3. Choppy Layers.

You may be a bit hesitant to add some long sweeping layers to your cut, but choppy layers (think choppy lobs!) may actually change your mind. This type of effect adds lift and volume to even the most thin of hair types.

“Layers add instant movement and lift, but it’s choppy layers that are getting the most notice these days because they add volume to fine and medium hair types,” says Meaghan Frayne. “They can be greatly paired with longer bobs and A-line cuts.”

4. Asymmetrical Styles

Asymmetry is another burning hot trend sure to make waves this year. Lots of asymmetrical hairstyles are already popping up on celebrities everywhere, as Jennifer Lopez’s recent Golden Globes style proved to be equally stunning and elegant.  

And in addition to boasting some serious star power, asymmetrical cuts can help slim down your face. So, if you are looking for a more chiseled-looking jawline, this kind of cut perfectly flatters rounder shapes easily.

“A side part or asymmetrical cut can elongate a round face, creating a longer neck and a stronger jawline, which will have people asking you if you lost weight,” adds stylist Erica Engstrom. “To soften a strong jawline or a very perfect oval face, rounder, shaggier cuts are definitely your secret weapon to upping your feminine power.”

5. Undercuts  

And probably the most striking of statement styles is the undercut, which really delivers that high impact finish. The look may not be for everyone, but maybe you should give it a shot — the versatile style can be simple and dramatic.

“We're definitely seeing a lot of undercutting which results in super short areas under a heavier top piece," says hairstylist and salon and spa owner Paul Labrecque.

“This particular style is quite versatile -- by day it can be worn simple, almost undetected, but at night you can create more drama with it, slick your hair back on top and reveal the exaggerated part underneath.”