Meet the New Fragrance Brand With Personality

This brand-new perfume company is out to empower women through its scents.

Meet the New Fragrance Brand With Personality
(Source: Define Me)

As anyone who wears fragrance on the regular knows, your scent does more than just keep you smelling nice throughout the day—it becomes an extension of you. New fragrance company Define Me is tapping into that personal touch only scent can create.

With a collection of five fragrances named after a different woman who exemplifies a unique trait or quality, Define Me is setting out to remind and empower the wearer of their own strengths. And if that wasn't enough, each fragrance can be worn alone or together for a truly unique scent

For the romantic type who thinks love can conquer all, there's Audry, featuring notes of jasmine, peony, rose and sandalwood. Clara—a scent with hints of lilac, violet, hibiscus, lily and musk—is for those who are grateful for every moment in life. The grapefruit, bergamot, honeysuckle and amber-laced Harper is for the adventurous type who isn't afraid of what's around the corner, while Sofia Isabel is for the confident free spirit with its blend of mandarin, black currant, jasmine and sugar. Finally, Payton is for the boldest of the bold. This passionate fragrance contains orange blossom, peach, clove buds and musk.

These USA-made fragrances are available now for $45 each.

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