6 Reasons You Should Definitely Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

It's easy to be lazy, but it's really a must.

I hate putting on clothes, but I love taking them off. It’s like, the most cathartic feeling ever to get home after spending a full day in tight jeans or a stressfully low-cut shirt and just get naked.  And there is definitely, no single more pleasant feeling in the world than taking your bra off.

But, unfortunately, I have the opposite relationship to makeup: while I love putting it on in the morning, I can barely bring myself to lift a Neutrogena wipe to my face to at night to get it off. I can get into pajamas, brush my teeth, and plug in my phone totally fine- it’s just that one extra step of taking off my makeup seems excruciating and unnecessary.

Probably 95% of the time I make myself take it off. Although my brain fights me on it every night, I pretty much take my makeup off like clockwork, unless I’m sick or impossibly tired.  

I can’t typically be swayed to do healthy things just because doctors tell me to. I don’t floss because it prevents heart disease and I don’t work out because it’ll make me live longer. I do those things because they make me look better, and that’s the same reason I take my makeup off: because if I sleep in my makeup, I wake up with my skin looking dull and gross.

Some of my luckier friends, however, can sleep in their makeup with virtually no consequences.  You know the type: they’re the same girls that complain about how fast their metabolisms are, and the ones that wake up after a night of drinking looking shiny and refreshed.

If you’re one of the blessed people who can sleep in makeup and wake up resembling a person rather than a troll doll: I envy you. But, you should still take off your makeup at night. Look, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad skincare news, but not taking your makeup off can have long-term consequences.

Don’t know what makeup remover to buy? I’m a diehard advocate of S.W. Basics Makeup Remover. It’s effective, paraben-free (AKA safe and not made of scary ingredients), and leaves my face feeling totally clean and even moisturized. Also, it doesn't hurt my eyes, which is a huge plus.

Now here’s why you should take your makeup off at night no matter what:

  • 1

    It Can Cause Premature Aging

    Most people know that sleeping in makeup can cause breakouts, but a lot don’t realize that it can cause wrinkles and age spots as well. Your skin needs time to refresh and renew itself while you sleep, so when your pores are clogged, your skin doesn’t have the space to push out the oxidative stress and free radicals it accumulates during the day, which can lead to older looking skin.

  • 2

    You Can Get Gross Eye Problems

    If you don’t sleep in face makeup, but you leave your eyeliner and mascara on at night, you’re not off the hook. Your eyes are incredibly delicate (think about how much it hurts when you get a spec of dust in your eye), and mascara or eyeliner can irritate them, or, the oil glands around your eyes can become clogged and inflamed, leading to styes.

  • 3

    Your Pores Can Stretch

    So much of the makeup on the market purports to minimize or eliminate pores, the little holes in your face that allow your skin to breathe. Pores are great and important, but most people don’t want them to be exceptionally visible. When you sleep in your makeup your pores get clogged, which makes them stretch and appear larger.

  • 4

    It Can Lead to Blackheads Around Your Mouth

    If you sleep in lipstick or gloss, the pores around your mouth can become clogged, leading to blackheads right near your lips (which, for the record, is not what you want).

  • 5

    Your Eyelashes Could Fall Out

    If you need another reason not to sleep in mascara, here it is: when it flakes off, it can take some of your eyelashes with it, which is definitely not ideal.

  • 6

    It Can Make Your Pillow Gross

    We’ve all experienced the unpleasantness of waking up with black streaks on our pillows from makeup. Not only will makeup caked on your pillow make your pillow dirty, it also makes it a breeding ground for bacteria).