Photographed by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash
Clean beauty products can sometimes be expensive — why is that?
"It definitely does cost more and that is because clean beauty is not as mainstream as conventional makeup products, so ingredients and manufacturing are more expensive to source. It is the same reason why organic berries at Whole Foods cost more than conventional berries at any conventional supermarket. If I wanted to create a conventional foundation, I could easily find dozens of makeup labs and manufacturers, and source my ingredients for mere cents from China. But, when I wanted to create a silicone free, skin nourishing foundation with non comedogenic oils and essential oils as fragrance, I had to source a lab that only uses clean ingredients to avoid contamination, a formulator who knows how to work without the 'easy' ingredients that make product development simple, and find natural and organic suppliers for less readily available ingredients and pay more for those ingredients."