Everyone is Talking About Michelle Obama's Hairless TV Moment

And all of the other beauty news you need to know.

Michelle Obama's Hairless TV Moment
(Source: Twitter)

The FLOTUS Michelle Obama was a victim of what appears to be a tight ponytail and unfortunate lighting. As those loyal Jeopardy watchers might have noticed Tuesday, the First Lady delivered a series of clues revolving around National Nutrition Month for the show. Unfortunately, all Twitter could talk about was the fact she appeared bald. [The Hill]

Kat Von D is under fire for the name of one of her Studded Kiss lipsticks. The scarlet shade, named Underage Red, has been deemed inappropriate by some. In a not-so-shocking turn of events, tough lady Kat Von D is unapologetic. #IDoWhatIWant [YouBeauty.com]

Ever wondered where your donated locks end up after your big cut? A new video shows the process from donor to recipient. Prepare to feel warm and cuddly. [PopSugar]

Jordana Brewster landed the role of brand ambassador for cult-favorite beauty brand Pond's. The actress, model and mom says she loves Pond's Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream and encourages women to take a two-week challenge using the hashtag #SeeForYourself on social media. 

Instagram-inspired hair color? Yes, it's a thing. Apparently hair color that looks like it has been ever-so-slightly touched with a filter is the new thing. Get your stylists on the phone and your hashtags ready. [Refinery 29]

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