Would You Ever Eat Deodorant?

Would You Ever Eat Deodorant?
(Photo via Amazon)

Would You Ever Eat Deodorant?
Deo Perfume Candy (Facebook)
Here's some mindblowing beauty news to kick off your morning: There's a new deodorant on the market that makes your current antiperspirant stick seem like the, uh, pits.

Behold: Deo Perfume Candy—a rose-flavored sweet that, thanks to super-smart Japanese scientists, releases a lingering floral aroma through your pores.

The sweets contain a natural antioxidant found in roses, lavender, and vanilla called geraniol, which humans apparently can't metabolize. So, the compound escapes through the skin, bringing a fresh, rosy scent with it.

Totally gross or genius?

At $10 a bag, it's a little pricier than the stick stuff—but then again, you don't get to eat Dove, do you? (Note: That wasn't a dare. Really, don't eat your deodorant. Unless it's Deo, we suppose.) 

Deo Perfume Candy is currently sold in 22 states and online at Amazon.com.

This just opens up so many possibilities! What will they think of next? Candy face cream? Candy anti-aging serum? Candy lipgloss? (Oh wait...) Tell us, would you ever give candy deodorant a try? Sound off in the comments, below!