YouTube Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Relaunches MyGlam as Ipsy

YouTube Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Relaunches MyGlam as Ipsy
(Getty) Michelle Phan

If you're a fan of YouTube beauty DIY videos, then chances are you've heard of Michelle Phan who, with more than 2.1 million subscribers and more than 635 million video views, is one of the video network's biggest style stars.

Last year, Phan launched MyGlam, a makeup subscription service—not unlike BirchBox or GlossyBox or any of the other -Boxes out here—where, for $10 a month, subscribers get samples and full-size products shipped to them on the regular.

Today, Phan announced that MyGlam is now—and things are about to get crazy up in here.

According to a report in AllThingsD, Phan has teamed up with YouTube's Marcelo Camberos (previously of Funny or Die) to raise $3.8 million to expand Ipsy beyond its previous MyGlam incarnation.

Check out this video wherein Phan explains Ipsy, below:

AllThingsD reports that MyGlam currently has 100,000 subscribers—with a "huge waitlist" waiting in the wings (compare that to Birchbox's 100,000 subscribers—and they're a much bigger organization!).

Would you subscribe to Michelle Phan's Ipsy? Or are you already a MyGlam subscriber (no need to resubscribe—your membership automatically transfers)? Tell us what you think about the product in the comments section, below. And how would you like to see it expand, improve, and change now that MyGlam is Ipsy?
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