What the What: WebMD Has a Beauty Blog! Did You Know This?

What the What: WebMD Has a Beauty Blog! Did You Know This?
(Photo via Getty) WebMD has a beauty blog, you guys! Do you read it?

Today in things that blow my mind: WebMD has a beauty blog! Did you know this? Should I have known this? I feel like I should have known this, but every time (read: at least twice a week) I pop over to my doctor the medical-advice website, I beeline straight for the Symptom Checker at the top left-hand corner of the screen.

By the time I'm finished up reading about how my headache is probably due to allergies — or OMG I have a brain aneurysm, I totally have a brain aneurysm, this is happening, I am dying, I need to go to the hospital righthisverysecond — I then find some other mysterious illness to read about until I've spent an hour or so reading about all these horrible things that could potentially happen to me. Then I go on Facebook to stalk ex-boyfriends. You know, so I can feel better about my life.

Long story short, I never noticed this before for various reasons. Until I finally did. And I don't even know how I found it really. (Oh, Interwebs, how you suck thee in.) Look — WebMD's "Healthy Beauty" section!

What the What: WebMD Has a Beauty Blog! Did You Know This?

Skin, body, hair, nails, makeup, the gang's all there. Right on WebMD!

As a product-junkie whose thirst for remotely anything beauty-related is seemingly unquenchable and as a secret health nut — and by secret health nut I mean I totally want to be a heath nut, but I prioritize staying up late to watch Game of Thrones over waking up early to run, sorry not sorry — I find this fascinating.

I mean, I spend enough time on WebMD anyway, probably to my own demise, so now I have a legit reason to check back without feeling like a complete hypochondriac. And if I happen to stumble upon another one of those "Are you ADD?" quizzes, well so be it.