DIY Sequined Manicure: Ciaté's New Nail Art Kit

DIY Sequined Manicure: Ciaté's New Nail Art Kit
(Photo courtesy of Ciaté)

DIY Sequined Manicure: Ciaté's New Nail Art Kit
Ciaté sequined manicure
Chances are you've already succumbed to the obsessions that are Ciaté's sprinkle-like caviar nails and sumptuous velvet manicures—so we have no doubt you're going to fall for the brand's latest nail art kit.

Behold: The sequined manicure—the newest way to transform your digits into itty-bitty disco balls.

Set to launch at Sephora mid-month, each $25 kit includes a mini pot of sequins, plus a bottle of "Glitter Grip," an adhesive-type base coat to keep the sparkles in place.

The shimmery set also comes in three metallic mixes: Harlequin, a multi-colored primary blend; Tutu, a pretty composite of pinks, purples, and reds; and Super Duper, a luxe fushion of golds, coppers, and greens.

The real treat here is the seemingly simple application process:
  • First, apply two coats of the, uh, grip.
  • Dunk your tips into the pot o' glitter.
  • Use a hand-dandy provided brush to wipe away any excess bling.
  • Add a top coat to seal in the sequins.
  • And voila—instant flashy fingers!

Tell us, are you a fan of Ciaté's nail art kits? Will you be giving the sequined mani a try once it hits shelves later this month? Let us know in the comments!