BEHOLD - Kre-At's 24-Carat Gold False Lashes

BEHOLD - Kre-At's 24-Carat Gold False Lashes


There are luxe cosmetics, and then there are beauty products so opulent that we could only imagine a Kardashian actually wearing them. 

Kre-At's 24-carat gold false eyelashes (currently available at Barneys stores through special order) fall into the latter category, and while gold-rimmed eyes might be fun for a holiday party, the lashes' $295 price tag puts them well out of the impulse buy range. 

But, if you really like the style, a whole booklet of 24-carat gold leaf costs about $60 on most jewelry-making sites, and a plain pair of Kre-At lashes runs about $16. Just saying!

Tell us, what do you think of these festive falsies? Would you splurge? Or would you rather put that $300 towards some real jewelry?

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