Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray: We Have a Winner!

I've been a faithful follower of Bumble and Bumble hair products for some time now (you may have read my little post about Surf Spray earlier).  Several years ago I made the mistake of having my hair chemically straightened and dyed in close succession.  It looked sweet for about three weeks before the damage became strikingly noticeable. B & B brought my hair back to life, for reals.

Big surprise: I love their thickening spray above all others.  While it's way expensive ($27.99 for 8 oz at Target), it works miracles, yo.  It makes fine hair like mine appear thicker and more textured.  It's essential for hair straightening, as it holds and sets your strands.  It doesn't make my hair all crispy like some other hair thickening sprays, nor does it leave sticky build up.  If you're looking for the right product to firm and thicken your style, give this product a try.
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