7 Steps to Making Your Blowout Last Longer

Better hair days are ahead.

7 Steps to Making Your Blowout Last Longer

Whether it’s the undeniable sex appeal, or the fact that you didn’t have to do your hair yourself, life usually doesn’t get much better after a salon fresh blowout. But even though you’re on a beauty high — and you're running your hands through your hair only a hundred million times — chances are it may be hard to keep that style looking fresh for the next couple of days.

Between the changing elements, intense workouts, and the stresses of daily life, managing salon fresh hairstyles can be hard task. But with the right tips and tricks stored inside your beauty arsenal, keeping your blowouts fresh and clean doesn’t have be a pain in your backside. To make your salon looks last extra long, here’s seven easy ways to keep your styles looking great come five days after your blowout.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Although it’s more than tempting to run your fingers through your silky smooth tresses, it’s super important to keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible. Fingers often aren't as clean as we hoped and unwashed hands can be the biggest contributor to #blowoutfails everywhere.

“Avoid brushing or running your fingers through your hair,” explains Jet Rhys, owner of the Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego. “Even though we do our best to keep our hands clean throughout the day, touching it frequently aids in distributing your natural oils throughout the hair.”

Use Dry Shampoo

Come day two or three after your blowout, it may be hard to keep oiliness at bay. And being that our hair functions like a porous sponge, unwanted smells can also wreak havoc on any style you are trying to preserve. However, instead of shampooing frequently, investing in a good dry shampoo product can help absorb oils and odors, while keeping your hair smelling extra fresh.

“After the second and third day it’s more than common for the front of your hair to get the greasiest first,” Rhys explains. “Instead of shampooing, try spritzing that area with a dry shampoo, then massage with the pads of your finger tips. This will soak up any oil, and add some volume to the hair.”

Use A Shower Cap

You definitely don’t want to skip out on showering while preserving your blowout, so it’s important to protect your hair while giving your body a nice wash. According to hair care experts like DryBar founder Alli Web, shower caps help keep hair shielded from water and humidity, allowing you to get that nice body wash you deserve.

“I highly recommend using a good shower cap, like our Morning After Shower Cap ($16) to preserve your blowout when you shower,” Web says. “The terry cloth lining blocks humidity, and keeps your style intact.

Use A Scrunchie

Preserving your styles while you sleep can be more than challenging, but in using the right shortcuts, you can definitely keep your mane looking glamorous. Sleeping in a fabric scrunchie for starters, helps provide natural volume without weighing down your hair in the process.

“Before bedtime, pile your hair on the top of your head using a fabric scrunchie to retain body and fullness,” adds Rhys. “Using an elastic band will only cause a crease.”

Style While You Sleep

If you want a more done up look in the morning, snoozing in Velcro rollers can create sexy volume while you’re getting some shut eye. And once you awake, touching it up with some handy dry shampoo will banish any oils lingering on your strands.

“Set your hair at the crown with a Velcro roller like our High Tops ($10), or pin curl set while you sleep,” Webb says. “Touch it up in the morning with a ceramic round brush, and a little Detox Dry Shampoo ($22)  to absorb any excess oil.”

Sleep On A Satin Pillowcase

Another sleeping beauty hack comes sleeping on a pillowcase, which will surely extend the life of any blowout. But if you don’t have pillowcase on hand, using other satin fabric you have lying around will surely suffice.

“Sleep on a satin pillowcase,” suggests Kathleen Jennings, CEO and Founder of the BeautyNow App. “If you don’t have one, you can put a pair of satin granny panties on your head (laugh all you want!) like a shower cap, and sleep that way!”

Tools Of Trade

To keep your blowouts looking only superb, it’s wise to keep a couple tools on hand to ensure longstanding longevity. Whether you want come-hither volume or lifesaving dry shampoo, here’s three tools of trade we can’t live without.

Before heading off to bed, sprinkle some SACHAJUAN Volume Powder ($35) onto the head before setting in a bun with fabric scrunchie. Helping your locks from looking extra limp, this powder gives you lift and bounce whenever you need it most.

Need some dry shampoo in your life? The fragrant and floral Batiste Blush Fragrance Dry Shampoo ($7) helps beat greasy roots while delivering a shower fresh scent in return. Use daily for only the most refreshed of strands.

To keep frizz and flyaways at bay, the Matrix SMOOTHPROOF serum ($16) guarantees good hair for days. And smoothing your hair out with ease, you don't have to worry about dents ruining your looks. 

Keeping blowouts intact may seem challenging, but in these adopting easy tricks, you can definitely expect to have better hair days in return. Want more hair hacks? Check out these Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know.