Would You Try Ingestible Charcoal?

Would You Try Ingestible Charcoal?(Source: Thinkstock, Juice Generation; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)You're probably no stranger to active charcoal beauty products. In fact, the trendy ingredient has been quite common for skincare products due to its sponge-like behavior. In case you need a little refresher course in its beauty benefits, when charcoal is "activated," its surface area is increased, making it a great filter that's able to draw out pollutants and impurities without being absorbed itself.

But charcoal and its detoxifying properties aren't just reserved for topical treatments. There are a number of ingestible charcoal products designed to clean and purify the body, as well as prevent more basic problems like bad breath, gas, teeth discoloration and hangovers. If eating or drinking charcoal seems strange, it really shouldn't. Charcoal is often used as an aid in poisoning cases by preventing the toxin from being absorbed into the body. Today's forms of ingestible charcoal are for less serious problems and can come in the form of anything from powder to capsules to juice. See some of the ways to get your charcoal fix, below.

Activated Charcoal Powder, $4, at bulkapothecary.com
Would You Try Ingestible Charcoal?(Source: Bulk Apothecary)It might not be the most photogenic of ways to consume charcoal, but powder activated charcoal can be used for many things including teeth whitening. Just don't be alarmed if your entire mouth turns black for a bit!

Nature's Way Activated Charcoal Capsules, $7, at drugstore.com
Would You Try Ingestible Charcoal?(Source: Drugstore.com)If the powder is a bit too much for you, charcoal capsules are also popular for detoxifying, preventing gas and hangovers. Although there's no official scientific evidence charcoal can prevent hangovers, it might be a good idea to have a few capsules on hand for NYE—just in case.

Juice Generation Activated Lemonade, $10, at juicegeneration.com
Would You Try Ingestible Charcoal?
(Source: Juice Generation)And of course, if you prefer your charcoal with a little side of something sweet, Juice Generation's new line of activated juices have you covered. We're partial to the Activated Lemonade, which tastes like a refreshing lemonade, but boasts all the clarifying benefits of charcoal. It even helps with bad breath—another reason to stock up on charcoal products for NYE.

Would you try ingestible charcoal?
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