Now Trending: Purse-Friendly Beauty Products

Now Trending: Purse-Friendly Beauty Products (Source: Asos, Venus, Sonia Kashuk)If you're like us, your purse is your life. It contains everything you could possibly need at any given moment, for any given scenario. Hand wipes? Done. Water bottle? Why, of course. Socks for the gym? Really, this is too easy. And of course, who could forget the beauty bag that basically turns you into a walking Sephora. Although it's fantastic to be the woman who has everything within arm's reach, not all beauty products are suited for lugging around in a handbag. But fear not, bag ladies of the world: There's a new breed of beauty goods that are handy, compact, and made just for toting. 
Now Trending: Purse-Friendly Beauty Products
(Source: Venus)
How many times have you been out and realized you missed a patch shaving? Or worse, that you seriously misremembered the last time you actually shaved? Instead of carrying around a pack of disposables and shaving your legs with hand soap in the bathroom sink at work (yeah, it happens), pack the new Venus Embrace Snap Razor ($12.99, for shaving on the go. The itty bitty razor comes with a full-size head attached to a small grip that's super easy to hold. With a water-activated moisture ribbon surrounding the blade, you won't even need shaving cream for lubrication. But the best part is the portable clam-shell case it comes in, which keeps your razor safe and protected while being totally concealed. Plus, it's just so cute.
Now Trending: Purse-Friendly Beauty Products (Source: Sonia Kashuk)Another genius beauty product to hit the market is the Sonia Kashuk Completely Compact Travel Brush ($14.99, available March 9 at Far too often we've thrown our face brushes casually in our purses, neglecting to remember that they're getting tossed around like a salad alongside cash, receipts, old crumbs from yesterday's bagel, and a number of other things that are probably just too gross to mention. This Transformer-like compact appeases our inner neat freak. From the outside, this compact looks like any other, yet when you open it, a fluffy kabuki brush emerges. Simply fold the compact flat so the sides are flush to create the kabuki's handle. Bonus points for the mirror on the inside, which takes the guessing game out of touchups on the fly.
Now Trending: Purse-Friendly Beauty Products (Source: ASOS)Finally, we can't count the number of times we've had bad hair days and only wished we had a brush to ease our pain. Now, taking our fave hair accessory with us is simple thanks to the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler ($22.58, We thought folding hairbrushes were a thing of middle school gym classes past, but with this hand-held brush featuring a removable cover, our favorite pre-teen hair accessory just got an adult makeover.

So there you have it: taking beauty products on the go just got that much easier. Now you'll never be too far from fabulous—or at least fabulously prepared. 
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