Detox Baths Are Everywhere—Would You Try One?

Would You Try a Detox Bath?(Source: Elemental Herbology, Alliance/Thinkstock; Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion, $35)You're overworked, rundown and hungover for the second day in a row. You could embark on a tortuous green juice cleanse. You could sweat it out at the gym. Or, you could just take a really relaxing bath. Yes, you read that right: a bath. As in, light some candles, set your Spotify to "Chill," and pour in one of the detoxifying bath blends that have been popping up all over.

Detox Baths Are Everywhere. Would you Try One?(Source: Urban Outfitters, Pursoma; Raaw In a Jar Detox Bath, $28; Pursoma Digital Detox Bath, $32)How, you ask, do these potions work? The gist is that they're packed with all-natural ingredients that purportedly pull toxins and other bad stuff from your body. Mullein & Sparrow's Detox Bath Salts ($40), for instance, are made with European spa salts that claim to draw toxins from the skin and thus help cleanse the digestive and lymphatic systems. Elemental Herbology's Botanical Bathing Infusion ($35) boasts grapefruit and juniper berry oils that boost circulation and reduce fluid retention. And Pursoma's Digital Detox Bath ($32) uses French Montmorillonite clay to pull out—get this—the unhealthy radiation that accumulates in the body from our constant laptop and iPhone use.

So, are you sold on the concept? Would you try one of these detox baths? Let us know, below:
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