Beauty Supplements are Now a Thing—Would You Try Them?

Beauty Supplements are Now a Thing—Would You Try Them?(Source: HUM Nutrition. L-R: Killer Nails, $25, Runway Ready, $35, )When we think of beauty, much of our attention goes to sprucing up our outsides with makeup, moisturizers and other rituals. But we all know that our inner health also contributes to how we look on the outside. A new vitamin line called HUM Nutrition ($15–$40) takes this philosophy to heart, with supplements specifically designed to generate beautiful results such as glowing skin and shiny hair (the black-currant seed oil and vitamin E–fortified Red Carpet, $25); strong nails (the biotin-packed Killer Nails, $25); and the glowing effects of Vitamin D3 (Here Comes the Sun, $20).

Here's how it works: after taking HUM's online lifestyle quiz, formulated by the line's team of dietitians, you'll get a free personal profile that includes nutrient product recommendations. Then, you can sign up to get a vitamin delivery every four weeks. Or, you can mix and match products,  a la carte style, at Sephora.

Beauty Supplements are Now a Thing—Would You Try Them?(Source: HUM Nutrition; Daily Cleanse, $25)Formulated by researchers in California, all HUM supplements are non-GMO, gluten free, sustainably sourced and pure––with no artificial colors or preservatives. And while many of us are well aware of the benefits of certain vitamins and take them regularly, it's interesting to approach the supplement game by considering your body's inner beauty needs and starting to plan a new regime from the outside in.

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Poll: Would You Try: Supplements for Beauty With HUM Nutrition
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