Beauty Trend Explained: Skin Finishers

Beauty Trend Explained: Skin Finishers(Source: Thinkstock, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Did you know there's another beauty category about to enter the beauty world—and eventually your skincare routine? Skin finishers are the latest product to emerge in the Korean market and that fabulous ten-step skincare regimen. Although we've only seen a few skin finishers trickle over into the American market, we're predicting it will be the next big thing to hit the beauty shelves. Get a leg up on the trend with these must-know facts.

What is a finisher?
Think of a finisher as a way to create natural-looking texture while locking in all of your other skincare products. Finishers are designed to seal in all the benefits of your previously applied products and prep the skin for a more natural makeup look. Though not a primer per say, finishers will leave skin radiant and ready to take on primer and foundation. Finishers also lock in moisture to keep skin hydrated.

When to apply it
Finishers are the last step in the beauty routine. After you've applied your cleanser, toner, essence, emulsion, cream and SPF, apply a finisher. Finishers are acceptable to use both morning and night.

How to use
Apply your finisher to your hands and dot over the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Gently use fingers to spread evenly. Pat with hands until product is fully absorbed.

Excited to get in on the Korean beauty secret? As of now Sulwhasoo's Luminature Essential Finisher ($90) is the main product that's reached American shelves. However we found a few Korean favorites you can find online and test for yourself.

Su:m37 Miracle Finisher, $66, at
Beauty Trend Explained: Skin Finishers
(Source: Su:m 37)Missha Misa Geumsul Vitalizing Finisher, $40, at 
Beauty Trend Explained: Skin Finishers(Source: Missha)Nature Republic Solie Finisher, $40, at
Beauty Trend Explained: Skin Finishers(Source: Nature Republic)
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