Would You Try Beauty Treatment Ice Cubes?

Would You Try Skin Treatment Ice Cubes?(Source: Barney's; Mila Moursi Cyro Serum/Ice Cube Infusion, $155)In the annals of DIY beauty tricks, the old "use an ice cube to reduce under-eye puffiness" is one of our favorites. Why? Because (a) it works and (b) it's free. Then we spotted this Mila Moursi Cryo Serum Ice Cube Infusion kit for a cool $155, and we had to wonder if our tap-water cubes were really up to snuff after all.   

Designed to lift, plump and rejuvenate tired and dehydrated skin, the formula is actually a high-power serum packed with potent minerals and trace Amino acids. And when applied to your face as a straight-from-the-freezer ice cube, the super-cold temperature helps repair your skin more effectively. (In spa circles, this is called cryotherapy). 

Would You Try Skin Treatment Ice Cubes?
(Source: Bath & Unwind; Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes, $80)Parisian brand Anne Semonin offers similar treatments for both the under-eye area ($95) and the rest of your face ($105). Both formulas boast the botanical extract of wild indigo and purport to banish puffiness, dull skin and dehydration. In other words, we should probably pack them for our next bachelorette party weekend. 

Would You Try Skin Treatment Ice Cubes?(Source: Bath & Unwind; Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes, $70)So, what do you think? Would you give this product trend a try?
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