Make a Rejuvenating Face Mask with 3 Simple Ingredients from Your Kitchen

It's that easy. Seriously.

Make a Rejuvenating Face Mask with 3 Simple Ingredients from Your Kitchen

Yogurt is a healthy way to go for breakfast, and it can do wonders for your complexion too  — as in, when you use it as a face mask.

Plain yogurt is packed with vitamins and minerals, and it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which makes for a fantastic DIY face mask. And if you add in oats and honey, it's even better. Honey moisturizes and hydrates your skin while oats are a great exfoliant and help get rid of all that icky stuff clogging up your pores.

The best part about this face mask, though? First of all, you'll likely have all of the ingredients in your kitchen already. And, it takes a whole two minutes to put together. The icing on this budget-friendly face mask: You can eat the rest of the ingredients in the morning.

Homemade Yogurt Face Mask:

* 1 teaspoon plain, unsweetened probiotic yogurt

* 1 teaspoon honey

* 1 teaspoon oats


1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well

2. Apply a thick coat to your face (avoiding your eyes) and let sit for 15 mintues

3. After 15 minutes, gently rinse the mask off with warm water and make sure the whole mask comes off

4. Rinse your face with cool water then pat dry with a clean towel

5. Brag to all of your friends about your cheap and easy new beauty routine

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