Do You Need a Product Absorption Device?

These tools promise skincare boosting benefits, but would you give them a go?

Do You Need a Product Absorption Device?
Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

When it comes to skincare, it seems as if anything goes these days. There are products to help primp and preen, tone your face and scrub away dryness. Some of the latest gadgets we've spotted on beauty shelves are geared at helping your already coveted potions and lotions sink in and get to work faster and deeper. 

The theory behind these product-boosting devices is to maximize the absorption of serums, cleansers and moisturizers, thus getting the most bang for your anti-aging buck. Most of our finds do this through mini-massages or ultrasound waves to help with product infusion. Take a peek at three devices we spotted that help maximize your skincare routine.

Would You Try: Product Absorption Devices
(Source: JeNu)

The JeNu Infuser ($195) opens the pathways of the top layer of skin to push product deeper into the epidermis, allowing for increased product absorption. Using ultrasound waves and MicroSphere Conducting Gel to help carry product deep into skin, the JeNu boasts three times the normal product absorption rate.

Would You Try: Product Absorption Devices
(Source: Michael Todd)

For maximum eye serum and cream absorption, the Michael Todd Eye Eraser ($99) combines sonic, ionic and thermal infusion to massage skin for natural collagen formation and product retention. Not only does this angled tip aid in reducing under-eye puffiness, but it claims to build skin's resilience over time.

Would You Try: Product Absorption Devices
(Source: Clarisonic)

We all know Clarisonic for its sonic skin-cleansing system, but the Opal Facial Sonic Infusion System ($185) is ideal for those looking for anti-aging benefits. The Opal aids in serum infusion around the eyes, thanks to a concave applicator that contours to the area's delicate shape. Gentle micro-massages and sonic infusion technology go beneath skin's surface for anti-aging benefits.

But tell us, would you add a product absorption device to your routine?

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