Summer Dresses

Paris+Hilton in Paris HIlton at Kate Somerville Spa
Wearing a pink and purple dress, Paris Hilton spends the day getting pampered as she visits the Kate Somerville Spa as well as the CHI nail bar and organic spa. Being chauffeured around in a large hybrid SUV, Paris took photographs of the pursuing paparazzi on her Blackberry cell phone. (Pacific Coast News)more pics »
There's nothing like a breezy, beautiful summer dress on a warm day. It's still chilly out in most of this hemisphere, but that doesn't mean you can't start dreaming of greener pastures—and what you'll wear in them!

This summer, expect to see a whole bunch of cutesy, feminine florals paired with heavier, edgier accessories. Also big: plaid, gingham, lace, bows.

See what summer dresses the stars have been wearing:

Summer Dresses
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