30+ Amazon Products Every Woman Needs To Survive

Some Amazon products are a lady's best friend.

Ladies, do you ever wonder what you actually need to survive? I'm not talking about obvious things like food, water, and shelter. I'm talking about things that make you feel like you have your life together — the things that help you stay organized and on top of things. I was thinking about it myself, which led me on a search for Amazon products every woman needs to survive (and live her very best life).

Most of the products on my list either help keep me organized so I can easily find everything I need on a day to day basis. Others are beauty products that are perfect for pampering yourself, because let's be honest, we've all earned it. There were also a ton of great cleaning products that you would never think to buy for yourself, like a silicone sponge, or a carpet sweeper. Not to mention electronics that simply improve your day, like a waterproof bluetooth speaker that'll help kick off your morning the right way, or a power bank that ensures your phone stays fully charged all the time. Bonus: Most of these Amazon products are affordable.

I've found that as I get older, the things I think I need to survive end up evolving, and thankfully, Amazon has so amazing products that will help you make those changes. From Amazon cult favorite products to hidden Amazon gems with impressively high ratings, there's something for everyone. Right now, I'm really big on cleaning and organizing because I just moved into a new house, so I think cleaning products are really important for my survival (especially since I live in a house with six other women). One of my roommates is all about treating herself, and you can easily spot which shelf in the bathroom belongs to her because it's constantly overflowing with the latest products. No matter what category you fit into, you can find amazing products for you on this fabulous list.

1. FOREO LUNA mini 2

Deep clean your skin with this amazing little tool. The LUNA pulsates and removes up to 99.5 percent of dirt and oil. It's great for getting rid of dead skin and removing makeup residue and it's completely rechargeable so you can keep your skin glowing.

FOREO LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush, $139.00, Amazon

2. Knife Set

Everyone needs a knife set, and this one comes in an amazing turquoise color. Perfect for adding some personality to your kitchen! This set comes with fourteen knives, including a chef knife, bread knife, six steaks knives, a sharpening knife, paring knife, and utility knife. 

Fourteen Piece Turquoise The Pioneer Woman Cowboy Rustic Cutlery Set, $67.00, Amazon

3. Vitamin E Night Cream

Night cream is a really important step in your skin routine. This one contains vitamin E so it's extremely moisturizing and improves rough texture. One user said her "skin looked and felt amazing" after just one use. The cream is very thick, so remember that a little bit goes a long way. 

Mario Badescu Vitamin E Night Cream, $18.00, Amazon

4. Kitchen Phone Stand

Prop up your phone while you're in the kitchen so you can read recipes without awkwardly holding your phone or bending over the counter and tweaking your back. This little stand holds phones and tablets upright so you don't have to strain your neck to read them. It's made of plastic and folds up so it will easily fit in your drawer when you don't need it.

Recipe Holder Stand For Smartphones and Tablets, $21.99, Amazon

5. Vegetable Holder

I struggle to cut onions and tomatoes. I usually end up squishing them. This nifty little tool actually holds your veggie in place and guides your knife so you can slice it straight. You'll impress everyone with your chopping skills, just saying.

Unmengii Stainless Steel Vegetable Holder Cutter, $4.99, Amazon

6. Naturally Activated Bamboo Air Purifying Bag

I love these purifying bags so much that I have them all over my house. They soak up all the bad odors and leave every room smelling fresh and clean. We have a cat in the house, so it can really start to smell, but after placing these around the first floor, we can't even smell it. 

California Home Goods Naturally Activated Bamboo Air Purifying Bag, $15.99, Amazon

7. Dishwasher Magnet

How many times have you asked your roommate if the dishwasher is clean or dirty? Eliminate all doubt with this nifty little magnet. It attaches to your dishwasher so you can spin it around to note if it's clean or dirty. It will save you so much time trying to figure it out!

Clean or Dirty Round Dishwasher Magnet, $10.99, Amazon

8. Coffee Mug With Lid

Reusable mugs are awesome for the environment, and now you can even get discounts at certain coffee shops for using them. This one is absolutely adorable and features a cute little cactus design. It comes with a lid and a stainless steel spoon. If you're enjoying tea, you can wrap the string around the cactus so the teabag doesn't fall in!

Asmwo Creative Green Cactus Coffee Mug with Stainless Spoon and Lid, $15.99, Amazon

9. Body Scrub

Give yourself a nice scrub each week with this all-natural coco rose body polish. It's infused with coconut oil and moroccan rose, which work together to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. It smells incredible.

Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Coco Rose Body Polish, $44.00, Amazon

10. Travel Power Strip

I always travel with an extension cord. It's actually a game changer. A lot of hostels and hotels don't have a ton of outlets so it's a pain to charge your phone, camera, laptop, and any other electronics you may have at the same time. This allows you to charge multiple electronics at once, even if you only have one adapter! It's really small too, which makes it easy to pack.

Travel Power Strip, $20.99, Amazon

11. Hangry Lunch Bag

Save yourself some money and pack your lunch in this canvas lunch bag. The word "hangry" is on the front of this one, so you're sure to get some laughs or start a conversation with anyone who sees it. It's machine washable and way better than a plastic bag.

Hangry Canvas Lunch Bag, $15.99, Amazon

12. Bamboo Toothbrush

Replace your toothbrush with a biodegradable option. These are made with super soft nylon bristles and all-natural bamboo. Their bristles are antibacterial and help keep your teeth bright and white. The pack comes with four toothbrushes, all with different color handles. 

GoWoo 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Soft, $12.25, Amazon

13. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Spritz this spray on your pillow before bed, lay down, and relax. The spray is made with a blend of lavender, vetivert, and chamomile, which work together to calm the mind and body. You'll find yourself drifting off to sleep in no time!

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29.00, Amazon

14. A Shower Cupholder

Enjoy a glass of wine in the bath or the shower with this amazing little cupholder. It attaches to the tile in your tub using a suction cup so you can take your relaxation time to the next level. The cupholder holds wine glasses, cans, plastic bottles, solo cups, and more.

SipCaddy Bath and Shower Portable Cupholder, $13.95, Amazon

15. Packing Cube Set

Packing cubes can be real lifesavers, and this set comes with everything you need to keep your suitcase organized. They're water-resistant, lightweight, and foldable so you can store them when you unpack. There are seven different sizes in this set, including two large, one medium, one small, a toiletry cube, a shoe bag, and a laundry cube.

Coolife Packing Cubes Travel Organizers With Laundry Bag, $16.99, Amazon

16. Glass Water Bottle

This beautiful water bottle is made with shatter-resistant glass and has a pretty mint green easy grip protective silicon sleeve. It's perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage on the go. If mint green isn't your style, it comes in nine other colors.

Soma BPA-Free Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle, $28.95, Amazon

17. Almost Adulting

This is a hilarious book about growing up and surviving adulthood. Instead of focusing on "real world" issues, author Arden Rose gets comical and offers tips on how to make internet friends, how to talk about your feelings with someone you're dating, how to piece together a wardrobe when you have no money, and more. It'll really get you laughing!

Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get It Together (Sort Of), $7.98-$13.29, Amazon

18. Glass Kettle

My mind was recently blown when someone told me they never actually boil water in a pot. Instead, they use a kettle and then pour it into the pot. Since then, I've adopted this process and my cooking time is cut in half. This glass kettle is perfect because it automatically shuts off when the water is fully boiled.

Elite Platinum Cordless Glass Kettle, $29.97, Amazon

19. Small LED Makeup Mirror

This compact mirror is great for travel. It even folds up, so it's extremely packable. Plus, when you open it up, LED lights illuminate the mirror so you can easily apply your makeup — no matter how good or bad the lighting is. It comes in thirteen different finishes, like rose gold, black, and pink.

Miss Sweet Small LED Lighted Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror, $12.99, Amazon

20. Day Designer Planner

If you feel like you need to organize your life, I swear by the Day Designer Planner. It features a monthly calendar view, weekly calendar view, and a place to create to-do lists and write down notes. I use one of these and it helps me stay organized and accomplish everything I need to do.

Day Designer for Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year, $18.37, Amazon

21. Bathroom Hot Styling Tool Organizer

Keep your hair styling products organized with this great little tray. You can mount it to a wall or a cabinet and store your favorite hot tools in it. It's a great way to keep your cords from getting tangled and to ensure that you know where everything is when you need it. It comes in six different finishes, including bronze, black, and the ever popular rose gold.

mDesign Bathroom Wall Mount Hair Care And Hot Styling Tool Organizer, $19.99, Amazon

22. Motion Sensor Night Light

How many times have you tripped on your way to the bathroom? I do it all the time because the light switch to my hallway is actually on the other side of the house, which is not helpful, um, ever. These motion sensor lights are great. They turn on when you walk by so you can navigate your way to the toilet. 

eufy Lumi Night Light, $14.99, Amazon

23. Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Repair hair and moisturize your scalp at the same time with this tea tree hair and scalp treatment. It's packed with soy proteins, vitamin E, shea butter, and willow bark. Together, the ingredients sooth your scalp and repair your strands. Treat yourself to a head massage when you use it and really get it into your scalp for about five minutes. You'll feel great afterwards. 

Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment, $30.00, Amazon

24. Laptop Desk

I work from home, so a laptop desk is a necessity for me. I use mine when I want to work from bed or from the couch. It makes it way more comfortable to sit and type for hours. This one is great because you can adjust the top to avoid neck and back pain. It also has a little table where you can take notes or keep your coffee cup while you work.

Cozihoma Laptop Desk Bamboo for Bed and Sofa, $39.99, Amazon

25. Carpet Sweeper

My Nana used one of these when I was growing up and I always loved helping her clean the floor with it. Fast forward many years, when my vacuum broke. I didn't want to pay to replace it, so I got myself a carpet sweeper instead and was instantly transported back to my childhood. It picks up all the dirt and hair, no electricity required!

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Brush Rotating System, $22.00, Amazon

26. Makeup Organizer

Keep your makeup organized and easy to find with this acrylic case. It comes with three pieces that are stackable and interlocking so you can set it up the way you like. The clear case is great because you can easily find what you need without sifting through a drawer or leaving all of your makeup in a dirty case.

DreamGenius Makes Organizer Three Pieces, $28.99, Amazon

27. Silicone Sponges

If you think about it, sponges are actually really gross. You use them over and over again to clean things and then they just sit there next to your sink... wet. I like using silicone sponges because they're antibacterial, easily cleaned, and they dry super fast. Plus, you can use them on all of your kitchen tools because they won't leave scratch marks.

Silicone Sponge Dish Washing Kitchen Scrubber, $10.95, Amazon

28. 148-Piece Tool Kit

One of my roommates has a tool kit, which is great because I always seem to need a hammer, nail, or screwdriver. This one is great to keep in the house because it has 148 pieces. You'll have every tool you'll ever need to fix something, build a piece of furniture, or hang a new portrait up in your house. 

CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Kit, $25.99, Amazon

29. Minimergency Kit

I love these little kits and I love giving them to people as gifts. Just toss one in your bag and you'll never find yourself unprepared. This cute little case includes things like hairspray, a nail file, a tampon, nail polish remover, safety pins, floss, and more.

Pinch Provisions Glitter Bomb Minimergency Kit For Her, $22.99, Amazon

30. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I love rocking out in the shower, but I've gone through several bluetooth speakers because they weren't waterproof and moisture ended up ruining them. That's why this little waterproof bluetooth speaker is so great. You can listen to up to six hours of music without having to recharge it, and it can suction to the wall in your shower.

SoundBot Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker, $14.99, Amazon

31. Peel Off Charcoal Face Mask

Have you ever used a peel-off mask? It's the most satisfying thing ever. This one is made with charcoal so it's specially designed to draw out blackheads. Simply rub a thick layer onto your face, wait until it dries, and peel it off. You'll literally be able to watch it working and you'll be left with smoother skin.

Black Mask Peel off Mask - Activated Charcoal Blackhead Remover, $14.99, Amazon

32. Power Bank

I can't tell you how many times having a power bank in my bag has saved my life. I run my business from my phone, so it's constantly dying. This one is great because it can charge your phone up to seven times without having to recharge it. It's lightweight and comes with a travel pouch so you can keep it safely in your bag. 

Anker PowerCore 20100 Ultra High Capacity Power Back, $49.99, Amazon

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