Exclusive Interview: Bethenny Frankel, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Exclusive Interview: Bethenny Frankel, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Bethenny Frankel was out and about in New York City on February 20, 2012 (FameFlynet)

Exclusive Interview: Bethenny Frankel, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Bethenny Frankel bundles up in this cozy chic sweater out in NYC. (Bauer Griffin)
Reality television star, best-selling author and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel will soon be adding the title "Talk Show Host" to her resume. On Monday, June 11, the super-busy mom's new program Bethenny will air in six FOX markets.

According to the official website, "the show embodies Bethenny the woman; it is real, honest, informative and most of all, entertaining. Her show covers all the areas that women care about; love and relationships, beauty and fitness, celebrity and pop culture." When we got a chance to chat with the new Self magazine covergirl and "queen of too much information," she was refreshingly forthcoming on some of our favorite topics.

Style Bistro: Say you're going to a private dinner party tonight, 10 people, mixed company, Upper East Side of Manhattan. You have 20 minutes to get ready, what do you wear?
Bethenny Frankel: I'm not a person who buys new clothes too much—I kind of like to use what I have and make it different with shoes, so I'd probably go in my closet and get a cute black dress and put on a pair of my great colored shoes, and great earrings and a necklace.

SB: Do you have a dream outfit?
Bethenny: I like a big bubble skirt or like a big poufed-out skirt and a really pretty colored heel, and I love diamonds.

SB: What are three things every woman should have in her closet?
Bethenny: I think every woman should have a good cardigan wrap sweater for when you're going to be in the car for a long time or traveling on a plane or on a chilly day. A good basic brand of white tank tops that they like and can rely on. I actually wear the Skinnygirl shapewear tank top because it's just a good plain white tank top. I get asked so many times, "What are those tank tops you're always wearing under your blazers?" And then a good pair of go-to skinny or boyfriend jeans.

SB: Can you think of any woman, past or present, that is a style icon?
Bethenny: Blake Lively has really got it going on—I mean she really does. It's not a look that I aspire to, though, because it looks like it takes a lot of thought and energy and work. And there's no disrespect, I'm just saying it's kind of like she always looks incredible. I'm really focusing more on the way she dresses on the show (Gossip Girl). So maybe I think the person that styles her on that show is my style icon. I'm 41 years old and I have literally watched that show and Googled and hunted and searched and bought things that Blake Lively has worn.

SB: Smoothers n' Shapers. Did you find inspiration from Spanx and how is Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers a differentiator?
Bethenny: The whole thing is it's shapewear you actually want people to see. Most all my products solve a problem. The Skinnygirl Margarita came about because everybody wants to have a margarita but doesn't want to feel guilty about it. So that's the same with every single thing that I come up with. I keep hearing girls saying, "My shapewear is riding up on me or it's cutting into me in weird places or it rolls up or it rolls down or I would die if someone ever saw me in this." And also, a lot of big complaints are that it's so expensive so I wanted it to be affordable. The beautiful, beautiful pieces that look like they're $130 are no more than $39 at the very maximum and I like that. I call it lazy lingerie. It's something you want to be able to wear under a blazer, under a cardigan, and take it off and you're wearing lingerie. You could wear it all evening out and then you come home and you look hot.

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