Jennifer Lawrence is Finally Being Paid What She Deserves

The 'Passenger' leading lady will earn more for its production than male co-star Chris Pratt.


As much as we love Chris Pratt, we're happy to announce that Jennifer Lawrence will be making $8 million more than her male counterpart for their new movie Passenger.

Despite multiple reports situating Pratt and Lawrence as rivals in the epic race of the moola, we'd like to draw attention to the many reasons Lawrence deserves a higher-than or equal-to salary as compared to any male actor.

Not only is Lawrence a great, multifaceted actress but her momentous popularity both on-screen and in modern culture renders her an extreme asset to any project with which she's involved. After all, her face graces every meme on Reddit, her personality outshines all others on the red carpet and she makes celebrity seem actually normal.

Jennifer Lawrence is Finally Being Paid What She Deserves

Pratt himself is a modest funny guy, father, and husband to one very empowered Anna Faris; we're willing to bet he's not out somewhere having a tantrum over this arrangement.

Jennifer Lawrence is Finally Being Paid What She Deserves

Instead, what makes this revelation notable is that it's been very public news in the past that Lawrence (as well as her female co-stars) have made significantly less than their male colleagues.

As Buzzfeed writes, however, one raise in salary does not equality make.

"Despite the pay bump for the Hunger Games star, salaries for women in Hollywood are still seeing a massive wage gap. Everyone on Forbes’ top 10 highest-paid male actors list, for example, makes more than the highest-paid female actor — Angelina Jolie."

Lawrence deserves a pat on the back for this latest achievement, but let's hope it's also a more lasting step in the right direction.

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