5 Reasons Why the 'Clueless' Gals Would Make the Ultimate BFFs

As if you'd pass up the chance to hang with Cher, Dionne, Tai...even Amber!

5 Reasons We Want to Hang With the 'Clueless' Gals

To try and deny or ignore the colossal effect pop culture has on us would be futile and silly. Pop culture: It's fun! We love it! And it's actually pretty important, too. Representation of yourself, your friends, your family — or people like you/them — is something you want to see in the books, movies, television shows, music, etc. that are supposed to reflect what our society looks like. Art imitates life imitates art, and so on. It's an imperfect system, to be sure, one that's constantly evolving and improving (we hope), and it's so important to be vocal when you consume a slice of pop culture that you like (and equally as important to highlight the rotten pieces of the pop culture pie, some of which you're sure to come across).

Something that I'm constantly looking for in my pop culture pie is a filling that includes a hefty helping/representation of female friendship (this pie metaphor is really losing ground, so I'm going to drop it now, mmmkay?). I love my lady friends — they help inform who I am, and so I like to see strong groups or pairs of female friends on TV, in movies, and in books. They can serve as role models, counteract the Hollywood myth that romance = everything, and also help reflect reality. So, in a new feature for Livingly, I'm highlighting a girl gang from pop culture that I'd definitely want to hang with, and what makes them so great. The spotlight will be on a different group/pair each time, so make sure to check back! This week, I hereby present 5 reasons the Clueless girls are such great fictional BFFs.

They help dress you for success

5 Reasons We Want to Hang With the 'Clueless' Gals

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Cher and Dionne know how to handle a makeover montage. Plus, have you seen Cher's closet? Luckily for her BFFs, she's generous and likes to share (unless you're Amber). If you hang with this crew, you'll be voted "Best Dressed" in the yearbook in no time.

They know the best party games

I remain convinced that Amy Heckerling and Co. invented the game Suck N' Blow, and even if they didn't, they certainly taught me about it. And hey, it looks fun! I'm all for party games.

They do impromptu photo shoots in the quad

Sure, it's kind of weird that Cher and her besties took time out of their pants-dropping schedules at school to pose for a photoshoot in front of a fountain, but it also looked like a grand ol' time.

They're supportive in a crisis

5 Reasons We Want to Hang With the 'Clueless' Gals

Cher and Dionne helped Tai get through her faux break-up with Elton, Dionne helped prep Cher for her "big night" with Christian, Cher gave Dionne her space at the Val party (and went on her ride-along from hell on the freeway)...sure, they fight sometimes, but these girls were seriously there for each other in their times of need.

...Actually, they're just plain supportive, all the time

The Clueless girl crew didn't need a crisis to bring out their supportive sides. They had each other's back all the time. A+ friendship, ladies.

Bravo to Clueless for giving the world a shining example of how awesome female friendships can be. Now I'm Audi...off to watch the movie for the millionth time!