Susan Sarandon's Top 5 Most Memorable Roles

Although Susan Sarandon never intended to become an actress, she's become one of the most legendary stars of our time.

When asked about her best memories from her career, Susan Sarandon says that there are "too many," and let's face it — that's probably true. With a slew of awards (including an Oscar) and over 80 films under her belt, Susan's career has definitely been an illustrious one. But she didn't even plan to become an actress so she says she doesn't take it too seriously. She tries to "have fun" on film sets.

"Sometimes you are in tune with the director and other actors. In this case, there is an amazing feeling and there are many moments that take you by surprise," she explained. And she certainly hasn't failed to surprise us with her choice of roles throughout her career, either.

It's hard to choose favorites with a career like hers, but we've narrowed down our five favorite Susan Sarandon movies:

Thelma and Louise (1991)

Susan Sarandon's Top 5 Most Memorable Roles

Susan's most iconic role is definitely Thelma & Louise. Also starring Geena Davis, the comedy-drama road trip movie was a hit with audiences, despite controversy over the violent content when it hit theaters in the early '90s. That said, the film won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and gave Susan her first Oscar nomination.

Dead Man Walking (1995)

Susan Sarandon's Top 5 Most Memorable Roles

In this poignant film, Susan plays Sister Helen Prejean, a nun who accompanies a death row inmate (Sean Penn) to the end. The role was a highlight of her career and she won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1996. What makes this film all the more incredible is that it was based on a true story. The real Sister Helen Prejean is now 76 and fights for the abolition of the death penalty in the United States and around the world.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Susan Sarandon's Top 5 Most Memorable Roles

Who doesn't remember Jane, the divorced redhead who, along with girlfriends Sukie and Alexandra (aka Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher), plays with mysterious forces out of sheer boredom in the small town of Eastwick? The Witches of Eastwick was a hit in the late '80s and still has a passionate cult following.

The Client (1994)

Susan Sarandon's Top 5 Most Memorable Roles

In this role, Susan plays a lawyer whose client is a teen boy who witnessed the suicide of a corrupt lawyer. She is charged with protecting him against the mafia and police in a role which earned her a second Oscar nomination and a BAFTA for Best Actress.

Enchanted (2007)

Susan Sarandon's Top 5 Most Memorable Roles

Susan has tried her hand as the big bad villain at times, though she has never been more terrifying than when she played the Evil Queen in Enchanted. Desperate to rid the Kingdom of her stepson and his new fiancée Giselle (Amy Adams), she sends Giselle to the "real world," eventually traveling there herself as her plans slowly go awry.

Despite her impressive filmography, the best job Susan says she's ever had is being a mother (um, adorable.) When asked what she is most proud of, she said: "Being the mother of three to Eva, Jack, and Miles. I am a grandmother now, with the arrival of my little Marlowe [Eva's daughter who was born in August 2014]. I am so proud to have accomplished this, my family is my greatest achievement."

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