10 Things I Learned from 'Legally Blonde'

No joke, I learned a lot from Elle Woods.

10 Things I Learned from 'Legally Blonde'
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The classic film Legally Blonde celebrates its 15th anniversary this year (what? I know). Legally Blonde has a special place in my heart — it was one of the only DVDs we had in my dad’s apartment after my parents got divorced, and even my dad loved watching it (which I made him do...a lot). So yeah, I have an emotional attachment to it, but it’s also just…good. 

I re-watched it for maybe the millionth time and the experience brought back a flood of memories about how influential this movie was to me back in 2001. No joke, I learned a lot from Elle Woods. Such as:

1. Hard work and determination pay off. Who says a fashion merchandise major can’t get into (and then ace) law school if she buckles down and puts her mind to it?

2. Clothes don’t make the woman, but there’s nothing wrong with looking good to channel your inner strength and confidence.

3. Your friends can help get you through the toughest times — by talking you through your sads, showing up to cheer for you and watch you triumph, or even helping you study (and/or study Cosmo when you're in prison). 

4. Self-care is vital to your well-being. However you choose to indulge in that self-care (manicures are just one option), make sure you take the time to do it.

5. There's nothing wrong with standing out and being different. Shine on, special snowflake!

6. Don’t go for with the guy who puts you down and doesn’t believe in you at all, the guy who wants to keep you in the tiny box he’s constructed for you in his tiny brain. In the paraphrased words of Professor Stromwell, don’t let “one stupid prick” ruin your life. You don’t nee to define yourself, your happiness, and/or your success through a guy.

7. Sometimes you gotta roll with it (i.e. Elle strutting into Viv's "costume party" like nothing's wrong) and sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself — and there’s power in knowing when to do what.

8. Success is the best revenge. Show all those who underestimated you that they’re wrong.

9. Believe in yourself — and be true to yourself — no matter what.

10. And perhaps most important and memorable lesson from Legally Blonde...you can’t get your hair wet for at least 24 hours after getting a perm — and that knowledge might come in handy when you least expect it.

Happy 15th birthday, Legally Blonde! I'll be grateful to Elle Woods and her wisdom for the next 15 years — and beyond. Go watch and celebrate Elle, and always remember: whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously deranged.