8. 'Bee Venom & Placenta' 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Creme
We don't care what some big beauty brands say, using bee venom in skincare products is problematic in more ways than one. It's been posited that the process of deriving their venom doesn't actually harm bees, since the process of obtaining it from their stingers involves using a glass panel that administers slight electric shocks. The venom can then be derived without the bees' stingers falling out, which, of course, is fatal for the little creatures.

Maybe this process doesn't kill the bees, then, but does no one else find the "slight electric shock" business disturbing? That doesn't seem cruelty-free to me.

That being said, if you've bought into the bee venom hype (which claims that its skin-stimulating and collagen-boosting properties are on par with Botox), Rodial's 'Bee Venom and Placenta' creme will only set you back $850!

Rodial 'Bee Venom & Placenta' 24 Carat Gold Ultimate Creme, $850, Nordstrom.