Our Dancing Daughters; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
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Everyone knows about fringe dresses and slicked bobs, but there are many beauty trends from the 1920s that haven't made it into the mainstream. The decade was a wild time, where speakeasies were the place to be on a Friday night, women were finally allowed to vote, and more and more ladies got nine to fives and paychecks.

With this new kind of autonomy and freedom, beauty trends began to change to fit the new, bold woman better. The times of the Victorian were over, and women wanted to express themselves with their cosmetics. While history remembers the highlights — like cupid bow lips — a lot has been forgotten.

From putting blush on their knees to loving half-moon manicures and vampire makeup, ahead are a series of unknown, quirky, and even dangerous beauty practices from the Gilded Age!