StyleBistro Book Club: 'The Woman I Wanted to Be' by Diane von Furstenberg

Bookclub: 'The Woman I Wanted to Be' by Diane Von Furstenberg(Source: Simon and Schuster, Country Outfitter)

Bookclub: 'The Woman I Wanted to Be' by Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg

We already know who Diane von Furstenberg is: designer, business mogul, former princess and inspiration for independent women everywhere. In her riveting memoir, The Woman I Wanted to Be ($26, out today), she reveals all the aspirations she followed to success. From growing up as a daughter of a Holocaust survivor to getting caught in a whirlwind romance with a Prince and boosting women's confidence with the wrap dress, her life is a storybook of adventures and travels most of us only dream of.

She writes candidly, sharing lessons of life and love, beauty and family in a confessional manner that keeps the pages turning. DVF was always one for glamorous affairs, so when she wrote about tackling New York City nightlife at Studio 54 during its heyday, I couldn't think of a better moment to highlight. "I would put on my cowboy boots, take my car, park in the garage, walk into 54, meet my friends, have a drink and dance. What I loved best was going in alone, the long entrance, the disco music." Sounds like a party to us—what better way to channel your inner DVF than with a pair of metallic cowboy boots?
Book Club: 'The Woman I Wanted to Be' by Diane von Furstenberg(Source: Country Outfitter)Country Outfitter Women's Cowboy Boot in Silver, $90, at

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