Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

What sort of fictional future are our favorite fictional baby sitters living?

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

When I was younger, I would often imagine that my favorite fictional characters from books, movies, and TV shows were real — what would that world be like, if you could solve mysteries with Shelby Woo or Nancy Drew in real life, or hit the mall with Jessica Wakefield and Lila Fowler every weekend? Sure, you might think I'm crazy, but I prefer to look at it as "having an active imagination."

As I sat down to write about how the BSC members would be awesome BFFs, that overactive imagination started spinning and I found myself thinking about what the ol' BSC would be up to today/as adults.

Here's where I think the core BSC members would be in life as grown-ups, based, of course, mainly on their 13-year-old personalities. Isn't that how life works? 30, 13, what's the difference? [Insert wink here.]

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Kristy Thomas

You know Kristy the Krusher is running some big company like the boss she always was. She's one of those CEOs who wakes up at 4 AM, gets some exercise in while dictating emails into her Blackberry (because of course she'd still have a Blackberry), picks her outfit in .5 seconds (the grey suit or the grey suit?), and is on the early-bird commuter train from CT to NY in no time. After writing approximately 100 emails during the time it takes her to get to work, Kristy krushes her day and gets home in time to have dinner with her family and FaceTime with her younger siblings, both of whom would probably be in college by now. Basically, Kristy is Sheryl Sandberg (in fact, I heard Kristy ghostwrote Lean In).

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Mary-Anne Spier

I think Mary-Anne went a little wild in college (especially during that study abroad semester in Prague) and then got serious during senior year, just in time to apply to grad school. Now she's a librarian or a teacher in Connecticut, doing her part to mold young minds (children are the future, guys), and thus continuing the BSC legacy in her own way. Mary-Anne is also the one who organizes all the BSC reunions, whether it's getting together for Sunday brunch or recruiting her besties to come to Career Day at her school/library.

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Claudia Kishi 

Ms. Kishi runs the most successful Etsy shop (named MimiMimi, after her beloved grandma) the site has ever seen — she'll even randomly throw a pack of M&Ms into some shipments, as a happy surprise for her loyal customers (resulting in only one or two unfortunate melting incidents). She's been recruited by several major fashion brands, but prefers to be her own boss and in charge of her own artistic destiny. Claudia definitely lives in Astoria, Queens, having deemed Brooklyn "over" (and too expensive).

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Stacey McGill

Stacey also lives in New York City, probably in Chelsea or TriBeCa. She got her accounting degree, and after a few years as an accountant, decided to pursue something a little more...fun. Now Stacey's an account manager at a luxury PR company with offices in New York in Paris — her French fluency means that Stacey gets to travel to the Paris office often. When she does, she always invites one of her BSC BFFs to come with her for a mini vacation. She found it hard to totally leave her accountant life behind, and so she does Claudia's taxes every year (much to Claud's relief).

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Dawn Schafer

To no one's surprise, Dawn is a very involved social, environmental, and political activist. After internships at Amnesty International, the ACLU, and Environmental Defense Fund, Dawn moved to Washington, D.C. to work as a lobbyist. Now, she's one of Bernie Sanders' head campaigners. Looking ahead, she's planning to campaign for Elizabeth Warren in 2024. Dawn misses living in California, but plans to eventually move back there — perhaps to run for office herself. Or to work on finally saving those whales. One or the other, definitely.

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Jessi Ramsey

Jessi kept up her ballet dancing throughout college, but ultimately decided that the intense life of a prima ballerina wasn't for her. She branched out and took some other dance classes — modern, tap, hip-hop — and got a gig teaching dance at a studio in New York. She still gets to dance every day, but can also have a social life. Jessi also worked as the dance teacher for the kids in Broadway's Billy Elliot while the show was running. She lives in Hell's Kitchen with Mallory (duh).

Where Are They Now?: The Baby-Sitters Club Members

Mallory Pike

Mallory abandoned her dreams of writing fiction when she realized that living with so many siblings prepared her well for the journalist life. She's an expert at elbowing other writers out of the way at a press conference or when on the story trail, and can therefore get to the subject in question first — and get her scoop. She prefers to freelance, rather than work for one publication, and so far it's served her well. She's currently working on a collection of essays about growing up in such a crowded family, and she still keeps a journal under her mattress (hidden from her roommate, Jessi, who would never read it — but hiding your journal is just so much more interesting).

So that's where I think the OG BSC crew would be these days. What do you think? Who would you want to hang out with? Whose future do you think I got terribly wrong? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@jessmacleish)!