How to Style a Side-Swept Braid

Learn how to tie a romantic, side-swept braid
Braids are an easy, DIY-friendly way to change up your look. Whether it's soft and romantic or intricate and futuristic, we've always got our eyes out for the best new plaits out there. Recently we've been filling our Pinterest boards with lots of lovely side-swept braids - like the one above.

Jennifer Morrison's romantic, side-swept braid is one we'd wear on a date or for a weekend brunch with friends. Unfortunately, we weren't quite sure how to achieve her gorgeous look, so we turned to the experts at Patrick Melville Salon in New York City. Our stylist, Gina Kleinschmidt, whipped up this braid in minutes and assured us it's just as easy to do at home. We've compiled her steps so you can get this look at home.

How to DIY Jennifer Morrison’s BraidLearn how to tie a romantic, side-swept braid
1. Begin by parting your hair slightly to one side. Section off two pieces of hair at the front of your head on whichever side has the most hair. The sections should be big enough to create small- to medium-size braids.

2. Begin braiding the first section (the one closest to the front of your head). This will be a normal three-strand braid.

3. Braid this section until you reach the ends of the hair, then backcomb the ends so the braid doesn’t unravel.

4. Begin braiding the second section (it should be about one or two inches back from your first braid). This will also be a three-strand braid. Braid until you reach the end and backcomb so the braid does not unravel.

5. Leave the two small braids you’ve just finished hanging.

6. Now begin a large French braid using up the rest of your hair. Start at the same side where you began your two smaller braids and braid around the side of the head. The braid should wrap from the side where you began to the other side of your head.

7. Braid until you reach the ends, then secure your braid with a hair tie.

8. Tuck the ends of your two small braids gently into the underside of your larger braid. Secure the ends with hair pins as needed.

9. Massage the sections of each braid between your thumbs and forefingers to loosen them and give them a petal shape.

10. If you want a more romantic look, pull out a few small pieces from the braid in the back and at the front of the hair to give an artfully messy look.
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