Brand Spotlight: Crane & Lion

This new athleisure brand is so stylish, you'll want to keep your New Year's resolutions.

Brand Spotlight: Crane & Lion
(Source: Sadie Dayton/Crane & Lion; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

There's no better way to stay motivated to keep New Year's resolutions than attractive workout gear. We'd be lying if we said stretchy yoga pants, sleek zip-ups and shoulder-bearing sports bras weren't half the reason we joined a gym. And thanks to a new fitness and fashion brand, Crane & Lion, it's getting a little easier to want to sign up for that Pilates class—or at least dress the part.

The Boston-based fashion-meets-fitness brand is designed with the stylish athlete in mind. Think of your super-fit friend, who went for a run right before your coffee date and yet somehow looks amazing in leggings and sneakers. The design is simple and clean, with pieces ($55–$185) that mix and match flawlessly. The solid colors, sleek lines and practical, transitional garments give the collection a wide range that's entirely acceptable for the gym or grocery store. 

Brand Spotlight: Crane & Lion
(Source: Sadie Dayton/Crane and Lion)

From sports bras ($55), tops ($65–$80), leggings ($80–$90), jackets ($125–$185) and this editor's personal favorite piece, a draped wrap sweater ($100), Crane & Lion serves up a variety of pieces to keep any athleisure wardrobe fresh and new. Now, about those New Year's resolutions... 

Shop the full Crane & Lion collection, here.

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