Brand Spotlight: Outdoor Voices

Brand Spotlight: Outdoor Voices(Source: Outdoor Voices Athena Crop Top, $60; Warmup Leggings, $100; Catch Me If You Can Hoodie, $85; Warmup Leggings, $100; Steeplechase Sports Bra, $55; Knee Cap Leggings, $85)If your 2015 resolution to exercise daily is still going strong, we salute you. And may we suggest some hip new duds to help you keep up your hot streak? Outdoor Voices, a new line of pared-down performance wear, is the sort of gym gear even fitness neophytes get behind. With an emphasis on neutral, versatile pieces, the high-quality range ($55–$105) can go from hiking to biking to post-Pilates strolling with ease. 

Brand Spotlight: Outdoor Voices(Source: Outdoor Voices Running Woman Sweats, $105; Mexchic Yoga Rug, $90; Racerback Tank Top, $55; Kneecap Leggings, $85)We love that the garments made right here in the US of A. And we love that they're so classic, simple, and devoid of the look-at-me prints and other hyper-embellishments so many fitness brands have been offering of late.

If you think the line looks and feels like the J.Crew of athletic wear, you wouldn't be far off: the preppy-cool retailer has recently started stocking Outdoor Voices. We'll consider that a convincing sign of approval—and yet another reason why we should try to make that spin class, stat. 

To shop the collection, head here