Stylish Workout Gear That Works on Land and By Sea

This athletic brand not only tackles your toughest workout but does so in style.

Brand Spotlight: Workout Gear to Tackle Land and Sea
(Source: GracedbyGrit)

It's safe to say athletic apparel takes up at least half of this editor's closet space. And I know I'm not the only one. With workout gear now joining other closet staples for many women, the bar is set especially high for athletic apparel. If it's going to earn a spot in my wardrobe, a piece of workout gear must be practical in performance yet stylish in appearance.

GracedByGrit has met both those standards with its collection of high-performance apparel designed for both running and watersports. Created by Kimberly Caccavo and her run and swim coach, Kate Nowlan, GracedByGrit is the brainchild of two athletes and friends who wanted a line that allowed them to tackle their workouts and still look good. The line ranges from capris ($68–$76) and tanks ($42–$52) to tech tops ($56–$68) and jackets ($96–$128), while the fit of each garment has been tailored to complement a woman's body and flatter in just the right places.

Beyond the attention to fit, GracedByGrit prides itself on the quality of fabrics used. The gear is made from only the finest Italian fabrics, giving technical support such as all-weather durability, breathability and UPF 50+, depending on the garment.

Brand Spotlight: Workout Gear to Tackle Land and Sea
(Source: GracedbyGrit)

We also love that the brand encourages women to be safe. Each piece of apparel comes with a detachable whistle that can be looped on your pants, jacket sleeves or tank. The idea is to encourage women to continue with their passion for working out, but to do so in a safe and prepared way. 

Although prices ($28–$128) fall on the higher-end of the workout spectrum, the payoff between the feel and look of the garments makes any piece from this line a needed addition to an athlete's closet.

Shop the full line here.

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