Exclusive Interview: Brooklyn Decker, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Exclusive Interview: Brooklyn Decker, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor
Brooklyn Decker (Getty)

Exclusive Interview: Brooklyn Decker, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Brooklyn waves to fans at the Hollywood premiere of Battleship. (Getty)
Brooklyn Decker is the name on everyone's lips this summer. The model-turned-actress is in demand with starring roles in two hot movies: Battleship and What to Expect When You're Expecting.

StyleBistro had the fortune of chatting with the busy star in the midst of premiere madness to get her insight on all things fashion and beauty. The refreshingly down-to-earth celeb gave us the details on her signature style, her favorite trend of the season and what she thinks makes every girl beautiful.

Brooklyn+Decker in NY: StyleBistro: You looked gorgeous at the Met Gala in Tory Burch! How did you decide what to wear?
Brooklyn Decker: Actually her and I created it together. I saw this dress walk down the Fall show and I ended up wearing it to an event in December, and that's how our friendship started. So we designed this together every step of the way: the shape of the dress, the embellishment, the color, everything.

SB: Who wore your favorite dress to the gala?

Brooklyn: I really loved Beyonce's dress! It was beautiful. I thought Rooney Mara looked incredible, as well. I mean, it's the Met, everything is unbelievable! It's the most exquisite dresses you can imagine in one room, it's watching walking art.

SB: How would you describe your style?
Brooklyn: I would say boy meets girl, tomboyish. Whenever I see something that's too girly I always want to do something that makes it a little more masculine. I'm constantly trying to balance that boy meets girl line.

SB: Are there any celebrities who inspire your style?

Brooklyn: I really love Lauren Hutton. She could always rock a really good suit on a red carpet and she does that whole kind of masculine feminine thing that I thought was very cool. Jane Birkin is also really incredible. I think Lou Doillon has very cool style. Cara Delevingne also has very cool style, it's a little rough around the edges, never too prim and I like that a lot.

SB: Anyone's closet you'd love to raid?
Brooklyn: Probably Lauren Santo Domingo because I imagine she has the most incredible closet possible. I know she has people designing things for her that are special and unique, so I can imagine she has a lot of really cool exclusives.

SB: Who are your favorite designers?
Brooklyn: I really like Miu Miu because I feel like it's whimsical and it has a sense of humor and that's really important in fashion. I love Maje, I'm actually wearing that today. Isabel Marant, they do that tomboyish thing really well. I love Rag & Bone, I love Elizabeth and James and The Row, I think the Olsen girls do a really great job. That's the stuff I like to wear every day.

Brooklyn+Decker in 'Battleship' Japan PremiereSB: Do you have a favorite red carpet look?
Brooklyn: I wore this Stella McCartney dress to the Tokyo premiere of Battleship (photo at left) and I loved that dress. I put it on and was like, 'This is the world premiere dress.' There was no doubt in my mind, it fit perfectly, I loved it.

SB: I know which one you're talking about, striped with a sporty vibe?
Brooklyn: Yes, exactly, the gold belt, very structured with a high neck. It felt very sporty but still very fitted. I felt so comfortable in it.

SB: It was gorgeous, we actually featured that as our Look of the Day and our readers voted it their favorite look of that week!

Brooklyn: Thank you! I loved it, we have the same taste.

SB: Any trends you are loving right now?

Brooklyn: I still love neons, and I know everyone is saying they're going to go out, but I really love them. They're just bright and fun and perfect for summer. I'm also into really tough jewelry, but I don't necessarily think that's a trend. Jennifer Fisher is getting really popular right now and she has bullet bracelets, handcuff bracelets and all that fun stuff. It adds a lot of edge to an otherwise simple outfit.

SB: Are there any great fashion moments we can expect from your upcoming premieres?

Brooklyn: You can expect color, I'm wearing quite a bit of color which will be fun. Stuff that's much more girly, which should be interesting for me.

SB: How involved are you in the styling process for the red carpet?

Brooklyn: I work with Annie Ladino, we worked together back when I was modeling, that's how we met years ago. I definitely send her pictures of things I want to borrow, I follow the shows quite closely, and she'll pull things for me as well. We've known each other so long she knows my taste in and out.

SB: Do you have any beauty or fashion missteps you'd recommend no one else repeat?

Brooklyn: Oh goodness, I have so many! But that's sorta the fun of it, at least when you have Brooklyn+Decker in The Sprint Style Villa Day 2 In South Beacha fashion misstep you can look back and laugh, there's picture evidence of the mistake and it's quite funny. As far as beauty, I always like to do much less makeup than required. I think that's one of the biggest things in the past, when I've worn too much makeup or had my makeup done and it was too heavy. I think that's always a mistake.

SB: Any tips on how to look and feel your most
Brooklyn: I think, honestly, when a girl is minimal and has no makeup and is wearing her jeans and a T-shirt, that's when she's the most beautiful. And I know a lot of guys that would agree, as well. I just think when a girl is natural and really herself there's something that shines through. You look at Jenna Lyons and she always has no makeup and a red lip, she's so minimal, I think it's really beautiful.

(For more Brooklyn, check out her StyleBistro guest editor page here.)