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Camila+Alves in 83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Camila Alves arrives at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theatre on February 27, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)more pics » Exclusive Interview: Camila Alves, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Camila Alves (Getty)
Brazilian beauty Camila Alves knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty. For years, she modeled in exotic locations around the world, finding the inspiration that would later fuel her desire to launch a handbag line with her mother, Muxo. She was also the host of Bravo's reality competition Shear Genius, in which she dished out the hair advice with natural ease. In short: She knows what looks good.

Alves may be a glamazon on the red carpet, but she's also a hard-working handbag designer and mother who considers practicality at all times. We chatted with Camila about her new handbag line for QVC, dressing for the paparazzi, her toddler son's style choices and the haircut she never should have gotten. Here are some clips from our conversation:

On why she and her mother launched Muxo:
My mom and I were looking for something to do together. I was traveling all over the world doing the modeling stuff, and every single handbag I had with me would fall apart at the airport. I was stuck at airports with stuff falling all over the floor, and I couldn't find a handbag that was strong enough but different from the ones everybody else had. On her personal style:
I love getting dressed up. I love when I have the time to be stylish and well put-together. That doesn't happen all the time. With the kids, and working and being as busy as I am, it doesn't happen all the time, but I try to just keep practical. I like going to antique stores and picking out little pieces that I can mix with something very expensive that I may have in my closet.
On dressing to be photographed:
Bottom line is there are always people out there taking your photo. Some people live by that, like, 'I've gotta get dressed, so I'll get photographed for what I'm wearing,' and I have an appreciation for those who do that, because I'm like, 'How can you do that?' That's really hard to do. But I try not to think like that, because for me it's just not very realistic. I dress up for myself. If I'm going to the grocery store, I'm going to the grocery store. I'm not going to get dressed up for the grocery store. On her favorite handbag:
I love the Queen of the Sea, that is one of my favorites of all time. It's not that regular fringe bag that you see everybody else carrying. Every fringe, it's handmade, colored by hand, they're all different. All the colors are all the same, so nobody's ever walking around with the same color handbag. It's just so sexy—it moves with the body, it fits right in to the body. I love that bag—that's the kind of bag you walk around and people are stopping you, giving you compliments. On son Levi's sense of style:
It's so funny because I don't really read the magazines or anything like that. He'll get more spreads in the magazines than me and Matthew together! Somebody told me the other day, there were 2 pages somewhere on 'How to Get Levi's Look.' I'm like, 'What is this?'
On accepting her curls:
My whole time growing up, I was like 'I gotta straighten my hair, I gotta straighten my hair.'  And I always did with the relaxers, and the heat-straighteners, and the Brazilian blowout—all of it. And finally my hair was getting finer and it wasn't healthy, and I was like, 'Yeah, I've got to stop doing everything and let my hair grow.' And it did not look pretty for a while. When the [relaxing] chemicals were growing out it was half curly, half straight, it was horrible! But I just learned little tricks on how to style. Browse Camila Alves' latest looks:
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