Is Your Cat Supermodel Material? United Bamboo is Casting for its 2014 Cat Calendar!

By Danica Lo on
(Courtesy United Bamboo) Is your cat calendar material?One of the most-anticipated, hottest fashion collector items every year is downtown design duo United Bamboo's annual cat calendar—a 12-month compendium featuring cats of every shape and size wearing miniature feline-versions of United Bamboo's cool-girl clothes. Here's what the 2013 edition looked like:If you think your cat is model material, then get your cameras ready, because United Bamboo has started casting for its 2014 calendar. To...Read Full Story

Exercises For Your Cat [VIDEO]

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Just in time for bathing suit season, Temptations cat treats has created a series of instructional charts and videos to help your cat get the bikini body of his/her dreams. No, seriously. Behold:Kitty with an exercise ball:Boxing kitty: Aerobics/Pilates/mat-work kitty:And the video!Read Full Story

Let's All Take a Moment to Look at These Sushi Cats

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts) Sometimes, the internet gifts us with truly wonderful things. And when that happens, we shouldn't ask trivial questions like "Why?" or "lolwut?" or "Is that cat wearing a tie?" We should just enjoy those Sushi Cats for what they are. Cats. Dressed up like sushi. (Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts) (Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts)(Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts)Read Full Story

Mid-Afternoon Video Interstitial - The Science of Cats

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(Thinkstock) We learned SO MANY THINGS about cats, mascots of the internet, from this video, "The Science of Cats." Like...They have no collarbones! This, combined with their super flexible backbones, is what helps them always land upright. Another fun fact: calico kitties are always female. Also, cats spent 85 percent of their day doing absolutely nothing. Okay, that we knew. See the entire (totally fascinating!) clip, below:Read Full Story

Lazarus the Vampire Cat Will Warm Your Heart This Monday Morning

By Lindsay Schallon on
(Photo via Facebook)Grumpy Cat, step aside... There's a new cool cat in town.But Grumpy Cat, this cat has fangs!But Grumpy Cat, they're not just any fangs, they're vampire fangs!!(Photo via Uproxx)We'll go ahead and take that as compliance.World, meet Lazarus — he's a 10(ish)-month-old kitty who looks like a vampire because of his cleft palette and protuding lower jaw. (Or maybe he really is a vampire! We may never know.)(Photo via Facebook)Unlike Grumpy Cat's road to fame — making...Read Full Story

WHEN CUTE WORLDS COLLIDE: Grumpy Cat Was on 'Anderson Cooper Live' [VIDEO]

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(Getty Images, L-R: Anderson Cooper, Grumpy Cat, in case you were confusedOkay, you guys, this might just be too much cuteness to handle on a dreary Monday morning, so consider yourself warned. Late last week, one of our current favorite funny internet felines, Grumpy Cat, appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show Anderson Live, to promote her new Friskies commercial (in case you missed it, check it out right here). There was just so much cuteness on stage at once! Plus...Read Full Story

Watch Grumpy Cat Star in a Friskies Cat Staring Contest Commercial [VIDEO]

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Watch Grumpy Cat stare down an unsuspecting competitor in this brand-new Friskies commercial. Yes, we're talking full-on cat staring contest, complete with LOL-style captions all over our favorite widdle Grumpy Wumpy. Nothing is better:Read Full Story

Get The Look - Bella Thorne's White Cat Face Sweatshirt

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(US.Trendy; Getty Images) Bella Thorne's white cat face sweatshirtActress Bella Thorne visited the Bethune Middle School in Los Angeles yesterday, and we've gotten tons of questions about where the Shake It Up star scored her adorable long white cat sweatshirt. Well, we found it!You can score Bella Thorne's white cat face sweatshirt right here—it's designed by label The Love of Pretty, is cotton, and is a little longer than a normal sweatshirt. Bonus: at under-$100, it won't break the bank...Read Full Story

THIS Is How You Accessorize a Cocktail Dress

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(Getty Images) Forget look-at-me studded Louboutin pumps and jeweled clutches — Eva Longoria has clearly graduated to the statement accessory big leagues. Look how her feline friend's gray fur complements her emerald cocktail dress. So lush, right? (Getty Images) The actress and spokeswoman for cat food brand Sheba attended the company's Feed Your Passion campaign launch cradling a kitty companion named Goose, who also looked quite fashionable in her diamond collar. (Getty Images...Read Full Story

This Is a Shirt That Exists at Forever 21

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(StyleBistro/Caitlin Petreycik)YOU GUYS. Forever 21 knows the internet exists. Just look at this tank top I spotted at the brand's Union Square store in New York last night. (StyleBistro/Caitlin Petreycik) It's a cat DJ (DJ Cat Scratch? DJ Dead Mouse?) presiding over a kitten rave. No big deal. Perhaps this video was the inspiration? The top is $12.80 in stores, but, sadly — it's not available online! Which is a shame, because that's where cat products really thrive, you know? Of course, if...Read Full Story