Leash-Trained Cat Went to New York Fashion Week, Upstaged Models

Leash-Trained Cat Went to New York Fashion Week, Upstaged Models(Courtesy of Purina)

is a street style star in the making. Just look at her leather body harness! So chic. 

This furry show-goer attended New York Fashion Week as the special guest of Purina, whose representative were there to raise awareness for leash inequality in the animal community. 

Why should dogs get all the leash action, right? There's even a movement to get cats up off of your sunny patch of floor/out of your empty grocery bag/away from your laundry pile of soft, soft clothes and out into the world. 

"The True Nature of Cats movement is about letting our cats be who they were born to be,” Nida Bockert, Purina spokesperson, said in a statement. "For example, leash training is a great way to incorporate activity into your cat’s life and give them an enriched experience, and we showed that in a big way at Fashion Week." 

Further proof that cats on leashes are a thing — there are like, thousands of videos of them strutting their stuff on YouTube.


BONUS: Here is an instructional video on how your cat, too, can achieve leashed greatness, starring a very grumpy Maine Coon. 

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