Blake and Gwen Are Official and I'm Officially Not Okay With It

And the producers of 'The Voice' rejoice.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. And the same holds true in Hollywood: where there is a rumored relationship, there is usually some truth to the rumor - even if it's as shocking as a Kate Hudson-Nick Jonas Disneyland fling.

So it's been less than four months since the official divorce statement was released from camp Lambert-Shelton and an ironically similar timeline for camp Stefani-Rossdale and has just released a not-so-shocking official statement from camp Stefani-Shelton:

Where do I even begin?

First of all, I don't know who I feel worse for: Gavin or Miranda (the future camp Lambert-Rossdale?)! Nothing is worse than a very public, high-profile Hollywood divorce, especially when children are involved. Watching your ex then publicly start a new relationship is likely just as heart-wrenching. But when it occurs so fast that even their fans can't believe it, and with a co-worker who has been around since before the break-up, it stings a hell of a lot worse. And when the flirting is on display on national television for the whole world to see - I can't even imagine how they feel, because personally, I'm not okay.

Blake and Gwen Are Official and I'm Officially Not Okay With It

Now this is not to say there was any cheating involved in the demise of the Lambert-Shelton / Stefani-Rossdale marriages, but this feels very Mr. & Mrs. Smith-Jolie-Pitt-esque.

Secondly, way to wait for country music's biggest night to rub it in everyone's face. You couldn't wait to make a more subtle, official announcement on a night in which Miranda isn't up for Entertainer of the Year? Way to pee in her proverbial Cheerios! I mean, as if Gwen flying to Nashville wasn't enough of an "official statement," they could've maybe waited until tomorrow to make it TMZ official!

Also, if you're going to make the official announcement, why not just walk the carpet together? What kind of ridiculous excuse is "not having the right clothes" for the ceremony? YOU'RE GWEN STEFANI! You have your own clothing line! I highly doubt you had absolutely nothing to wear to an awards show that most nominees show up in skinny jeans and a cowboy hat. 

I don't know how serious this new relationship is and I don't know if it will last or if it's destined to be as short lived as the Hudson-Jonas hookup, but I refuse to get on board!!

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