Proof: Chris Hemsworth is the Sweetest (and Hottest) Celeb Dad

You have to see this adorable new picture of the actor and his twin boys.

Chris Hemsworth is Hollywood's hottest dad, hands down. How can you beat the combo of an incredibly dreamy (and ripped) actor who's also the most adorable family man? He's Thor with a heart of gold!

Anyway, on this lovely Monday we're absolutely swooning over a new picture of Hemsworth with his twin boys, Sasha and Tristan. Mom Elsa Pataky posted the snapshot on Instagram, as tribute to the boys' second birthday. 

So those are two completely adorable boys — and you can't just glaze over the fact that Hemsworth's veins are bulging out of his muscular arms as he embraces his kids. You just can't.

It's hard to believe the boys are already 2, also. And the couple's daughter India will be four in May. Time sure does fly...when you're a precious celeb family.

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