Leonardo Dicaprio Finally Takes Home the Oscar

...and it's everything to us.

Leonardo Dicaprio

It's taken over twenty years, numerous starring roles and four disappointing Oscar nods in the past, but it. Finally. Happened. Yes, I'm talking about what was really on everyone's mind (as well as countless millions of memes), at this year's Academy Awards: Gifted actor, environmentalist and activist Leonardo Dicaprio finally, finally going home with the much-coveted Oscar for Best Actor.

"I do not take tonight for granted," Dicaprio said in his passionate acceptance speech for the well-deserved award. (He also took the time to school us all on climate change and the importance of coming together collectively in efforts to save our planet. Way to use your platform for good, Leo; total class act.)

We knew this was coming. We could feel it. We've been patiently – okay, maybe not so patiently – waiting for so long, and so was the rest of the world Internet.

First nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape back in 1993, Leo has been nominated four times before this year's big win, for his roles in The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and Wolf of Wall Street, respectively. And I mean, if the highest-paid male Oscar nominee couldn't catch a break for any of those roles, he deserved to take home the gold for eating an actual bison liver in The Revenant, amiright?! 

"I just feel particularly proud of this film. Alejandro has achieved something that is quite transcendent cinematically, and I'm proud to be here representing something like this," Leo said earlier tonight on the Oscars red carpet.

"The truth of the matter is that I feel blessed to be able to do movies like this. I've worked for almost 25 years in this industry, and here I am representing a movie that I feel so particularly proud of. But more so than that, I'm here with my mother [an all too sweet pattern he's followed on many award show red carpets before]; I've been in this town for [more than] 25 years... so after years and years of hard work, this is the end of it all. So it's bittersweet as well."

We can't think of anyone more deserving of the win. 

Leo, you the real MVP in our eyes – and you've been one of the best actors in your field for quite some time. Plus, it's safe to say that there very well may have been a full-on Twitter mutiny had the Academy overlooked this particular nominee again.

Leonardo Dicaprio