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Celebrities Who've Joined the Powerful 'Me Too' Movement

6. Jenna Elfman

"I have been with my lovely @bodhielfman for almost 27 years. In my time with him I have learned a lot. A lot about men. And I have learned a lot about myself. Bodhi is my best friend and I am very fortunate to have in him, a man who loves & honors me, respects me, and always supports me in my endeavors. His actions have made me a stronger woman. I want to say that I too, in my past, have had experiences of a couple men physically forcing themselves upon me in an unsolicited manner. I too, had continued to “stay loyal” to them for a period of time, falsely thinking that I somehow didn’t have a right to say “NO.” I just want to say that THERE ARE GREAT MEN AND WOMEN IN THIS WORLD and it takes BOTH SIDES setting a stellar example of common human decency and respect, to change this issue. The WONDERFUL men of this world need to ALSO express themselves and be the ones to say “NO” to this behavior when they witness it in their fellows and continue to set an even BIGGER and BETTER example of what it means to be a GENTLEMAN. ♥ I love you, @bodhielfman Thank you for making me a better woman. #metoo"