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Celebrities Who Married The Same Person Twice

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Paul Hogan & Noelene Edwards
1958–1981 and 1982–1989: Noelene Edwards was Paul Hogan's first and second wife. They first met as teenagers when Hogan worked as a lifeguard in a local swimming pool, and they went on to have five kids together. “I was a massive flirt, I liked her and she liked me and we got married,” Hogan said in an interview. “I had my first son at 19. I had three sons by the time I was 22, so I had to grow up very fast.”

They split briefly in 1981 but remarried less than a year later, but split permanently in 1986 when Hogan fell in love with his much younger Crocodile Dundee co-star, Linda Kozlowski. He went on to marry Kozlowski a year after his divorce, in 1990.